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  1. Hi, I am Mario from Mexico city I need to know what is the difference between left hand drive and right hand drive headlights? Could I install RHD headlights in a LHD smart 451 car ? Because I ordered by mistake a pair of Brabus exclusiv headlights but for Right Hand Drive instead of Left Hand Drive and I am in Mexico, here is LHD like USA, I saw images of the both headlights of the back part and only see little difference in the location of the connector(s), but also don't know if maybe I could need coding or something else that maybe couldn´t install them in my Smart 451. Only the problem will be the direction of the light in the night ? I am sad because they cost a lot of money and I couldn't cancel them in the MB shop because they are already confirmed for shipping. What could be the big problem to install a RHD headlights in a LHD car ?, I don´t have them yet, but want to know if I could install them in my car. In the images the one with the orange wall is the Brabus headlight for RHD.