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  1. I have a 2010 that got clipped by another car on the rhf wheel, the tie rod was then replaced and it drives well apart from after you start moving the orange triangle stays illuminated and for the first few seconds it seems to engage abs and lock the front wheels up a few times, after that it can be driven all day without locking the wheels but the large orange triangle is still illuminated. i plugged in a scanner to try and recalibrate the steering sensor after reading online that it could be the issue, and when the wheel is set dead straight it reads minus -343 degrees so it wont calibrate. i then turned the wheels left and using live data i got the steering set to 0 degrees and it calibrated but as soon as i started driving the same issue came back. does this mean my clockspring/angle sensor is a kaput? or could the steering column have slipped in the rack when the wheel was impacted? im not sure what to do, a steering angle sensor is about $500 here and i dont want to buy one unless i have to