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  1. Hi guys, We had them replaced completely and it didn't fix the issue. I'm replacing the battery next week as it is pretty weak (11.9-12.4 volts on a good day, I've seen as low as 10.5)
  2. Update of the update: The battery is a bit weak and could use replacing according to a battery test this morning after trickle charging it for 14 hours. HOWEVER I plugged in the oil pan heater this morning at 5am and it started instantly an hour later with a single (Not even triple glow plug procedure) glow plug start. Like literally turned the key and it was running. If the injectors were the problem would I be experiencing other issues besides a bad start? Like once this thing is going it purrs, it just makes me think it might not be injectors but the low pressure fuel pump or something else - and my budget is stretched now so I don't want to keep throwing money at stuff if it isn't going to solve it. I have no diesel experience and no garage access so taking apart the injectors myself is a bit daunting, I also don't have a sonic cleaner and my wife has pretty much told me she is done spending money on the car at this point. She also doesn't trust it to start and is worried she'll be stranded so she won't drive it which was the whole point of purchasing it in the first place (I have a 10km both way commute to work, she drives around town and to a small community off the highway a couple minutes away constantly and does 50+km a day in driving)
  3. Update: oil change/fuel filter/glow plugs were not the issue, mechanic thinks it's probably the injectors.
  4. AAAAH you did say nozzles, but I read injectors just before that and in my own little world of mass hysteria went with the worst. That makes me feel a lot better!
  5. We're sending it into the shop on Monday for new glowplugs/fuel filter/oil change and I'm going to replace the air filter myself. I'll report back and let y'all know what the verdict was - The next step after that is injectors according to stickman, but at $1180/injector from BM, or $560/injector Remanufactured and ordered in by a local diesel specialist that doesn't go through MB, I'm hoping that these other things fix the issue. I'm also going to jump in while he's got the underpanels off to run a pan heater for it. I'm hoping that this solves it because I'm not looking forward to spending more than half the value of the car replacing injectors when so many other things can decide to go. I don't have access to injection cleaning equipment - but from talking with the diesel specialist he said that likely you could pull them and test them and find that general wear/tear and microabrasions cause the issues, not so much gunked up injectors - he did recommend trying a bottle of injector cleaner in the fuel tank as it would be essentially the same as pulling and cleaning/testing them . (he laughed when I mentioned that I only have a 22L tank - he said I could use one $10 bottle for 5 fills) Basically he said if you're sure its injectors you're better off putting the $75/injector fee to test it towards new ones rather then paying $225 and finding out which one needs replacing. It's honestly brutal to start- Sunday we went to start it and it had gotten down to -10 overnight - I think I spent 10 minutes starting - every attempt was heating the glow plug 3x - then attempting a start, it took like 6-7 attempts with each one getting 'closer' to starting - on the last one I finally peeved out enough that I gave the pedal some feed and held the tach at 2k for 3-4 minutes until I finally got a heat bubble filled. After that no problems. Even today it was 6 degrees and it took me 2 glow plug cycles to start it - and again i just fed fuel and kept the tach at 2k for a few minutes - when doing this on start-up I can feel a very small rumble until the engine gets warmer. That to me makes me think its glowplugs - because I believe they turn off after the car gets up to tempt and can hit compression without the plugs helping out. Once the thing is warm there are literally no issues/weird rumbles or anything. To be fair I bought this car off a guy who had put 1500 km on it over 15 months - and this will be the first oil change since he purchased it last Dec/Jan. So I'm thinking the parked time - low KM, likely all in-town short trips. I also have absolutely NO idea of service history from past owners which grates on my nerves(I get the smart car has little storage space, but I've always kept at least 3-4 years of minor service work on every vehicle, and big stuff for up to 5 - it makes selling to people a lot easier because they can see that you do your due diligence with your car)
  6. This is my car! In Lethbridge now at 100,000 km.
  7. I just bought a 2005 450 CDI with <100k km on it. As far as I can tell the previous owners just used it for summer driving as it has no oil pan heater or battery warmers or anything. The cold start is pretty awful currently as it took 3-4 attempts of triple glowplug warming to start it yesterday in +5C, and this morning at -5C it took about 6-8 full cycles, and me holding a foot on the gas pedal and keeping the engine at 2k rpm for about 3 minutes. Once it's warm (+1 bubbles) it runs and starts again like a dream with zero issues, it just doesn't want to stay on before that. Any tips? I'm planning on doing some work this summer but I'm missing the front plug adapter for the car and I'm not having any luck finding one at the nearby wreckers. It's getting into summer now so I'm not as worried about it, but I'd like to do the work myself to save on shop time (I have a fair amount of experience with automotive electrical from working on electric pumps in a previous job) My question is - I've seen mention that the block heater plug is routed to a plug near the battery on the passenger side - I've also seen mention in the newer models (06') that they have a block heater. Are their TWO plugs that work off that same harness from the front plug or is it just a single plug? I might just be getting confused as that is what it is sounding like. But the separate mentions I've seen makes it sound like there is a cord access in the front and in the back closer to the engine, am I just misreading into this? Does anyone know the load capacity (watts) for the front plug and harness? The reason being I'm looking at hopefully hooking a battery warmer, a polar pad for the oil, and I'm looking into a ceramic heater for the cab as well. It should total out to 1500-1600 watts at the top end (9ampish maybe?) Any ideas would be great... Tips for cold starts are welcome as well.