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  1. thanks Willy - yes i did find Evilution whilst trawling and yes it does seem a very knowledgeable place, i suppose my simple question opened a can of worms .... all i wanted to know was if it was adjustable lol. i will have to give them a a call eh Thank you gentlemen.
  2. ohh i see - this is an American/Canadian site ? yes of course i understand now, yes here in blighty we like to use a clutch still, to be honest i didnt know they were around with auto gearboxes, with a tiny engine like these have im surprised they can pull away from the pavement with an auto box and thanks for everyones input..
  3. surely someone knows about this ?
  4. i have just bought a 2015 smart for 2 and i notice the clutch take off point is very high - its not slipping but wonder if its adjustable to move the bite further down the peddle ?