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  1. Set of steel rims with Winter Tires. Front Tires with decent treadlife left. Rear Tires will likely need replacing. $250 OBO - delivery possible in Niagara to Mississauga corridor
  2. No lights on the dash prior to accident or after. The impact bar had no damage, hit was above it.
  3. The cocoa is looking a little candy coated on the front end, but it certainly looks better than it did before. A BIG THANK YOU to everybody here for their encouragement and advise. A wonderful way to spend a beautiful afternoon, and it appears to be driveable once again. I did notice a future repair while in there, but opening the car up a second time should be much easier with this one under my belt. Thanks!
  4. Never mind. trial and error seems to have indicated the only hole in the frame that it clicked into. Must be right. Lol. just to the centre of the car body from the driver side fog light.
  5. Hi all. with the confidence from you all, I’ve started to reassemble my smart. All going well - need to get a new fan shroud, but otherwise by the book. reinstalling the fog lights and found this in the driver side. What is it and Where does it reattach? Looks like a temperature probe to me. thanks once again for all the help and guidance so far.
  6. Thanks Leadwing. I'll start searching, it might be the way I need to go. An adult Jigsaw puzzle ... could be useful. Of course having one assembled (picture on the front of the box) could help lol. Centre Caps and winter tires were planned for the afternoon, car didn't make it back from the library. Still here and hopefully to be installed. I hit up the U-Pick at lunch but it looks like somebody beat me to it. The smart they have is stripped down of all front end components and body panels. Only thing left was hood (ours looks OK) and washer fluid bottle (I grabbed that) Ooh, that's nasty too Mjolinor. Did you get it going again?
  7. Thanks for some positive outlook. Strut towers are all still straight, gonna be a long journey, but it might just get back on the road. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the positive outlook - and knowledge that the crash bar can be replaced. Looks like we'll be learning car assembly. Thanks
  9. So the unthinkable happened today, and my son had an error in stopping distance judgement. No injuries. No airbags deployed. Front end absorbed the impact as designed. But can it be repaired? Anybody with similar experiences? Anything to look out for on the front end other than twisted plastic body panels?
  10. Hey Everybody! PIcked up our Smart ForTwo yesterday and happy to join the club! 2010 HighStyle - Wonderfully unique look to the chocolate brown metallic finish and a super money saver on my commute this morning. Should be a fun ride and lots of fun! Looking forward to it.
  11. I know it's been a while (10 years?!?) but I'll add my new acquisition to the list. 335844 -- highstyle -- Montréal QC 336334 -- highstyle -- Montréal QC 336920 -- highstyle -- Quebec QC 339081 -- highstyle -- Mississauga ON 339132 -- highstyle -- Markham ON 339256 -- highstyle -- Thornhill ON 341023 -- highstyle -- Toronto ON 341215 -- highstyle -- Toronto ON 341275 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 341329 -- highstyle -- London ON 341407 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 341498 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 341598 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 341627 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 341659 -- highstyle -- Vaughan ON 341675 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 341704 -- highstyle -- Richmond BC 341732 -- highstyle -- Richmond BC 341935 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 342457 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 342483 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 342709 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 342715 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 342825 -- highstyle -- Richmond BC 342842 -- highstyle -- Richmond BC 342951 -- highstyle -- North Vancouver BC 343431 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 343452 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 343475 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 343942 -- highstyle -- Toronto ON 344066 -- highstyle -- Calgary AB 344150 -- highstyle -- Kelowna BC 344501 -- highstyle -- Kamloops BC 344521 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 344620 -- highstyle -- Kelowna BC 344638 -- highstyle -- Welland ON 344670 -- highstyle -- Victoria BC 344733 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 344817 -- highstyle -- Vaughan ON, chrome wrap (temporary) 344845 -- highstyle -- London ON 344935 -- highstyle -- Vancouver BC 344975 -- highstyle -- Toronto ON 345136 -- highstyle -- Richmond BC 346967 -- highstyle -- Thornhill ON 347767 -- highstyle -- Granby QC 347868 -- highstyle -- Toronto ON 347909 -- highstyle -- Saint John NB Total: 47/130
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