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  1. I haven't measured, but my impression is that while the 453's cargo area is deeper (front to back) than my old 450, the rear hatch opening is not as wide or ergonomic, making loading and unloading large items somewhat awkward. Bulbous is a very apt description. I've only driven a few 451s (often car2go), and haven't used their cargo areas much, but the 450 & 451 seemed to be able to handle similar loads with similar ease.
  2. We had snow earlier today, and while it wasn't the first of the season, it looks like this batch is sticking around... with a smattering more forecast for later in the week. It's time to dust-off the trainer and hang-up the helmet until 2017. Not a bad year though: 3500 km total. Lots of great rides, many with good friends exploring new places. Life could be worse!
  3. We've now passed 10000 km in the 453, total average is still an even 6.0 L/100 km, with an almost even mix of city/highway driving.
  4. At 3100 km now. Today might've been the last day over 20°C for 2016 in this part of the country. It'll be all arm- and leg-warmers now until the snow hits!
  5. We just got back from a 1000 km road trip, the back hatch loaded to the gills with camping gear. Averaged 5.1 L/100 km, mostly on highways and winding country roads.
  6. It's certainly very different from a standard road bike. Felt a bit twitchy at first, since the positioning is more mass-forward, with your arse just supported by the nose of the saddle. Transitioning from the side bars to the aerobars took some getting used to (especially while leaving the security of the brake levers behind), but I'm sure I would have been much more confident after a few more laps. Still, it's not a comfortable position for longer rides, and climbing anything longer than a highway overpass would be terrible. I can see why the pros often swap bikes in the middle of a time-trial if the terrain changes from flat to hilly. While not comfy, the aero position is noticeably faster. I was able to hit 55 kph on the flat straightaway without too much effort. My personal best on that stretch with my regular bike (and a generous tailwind) is 64 kph.
  7. Given that I seem to be one of the few 453 owners on here (or indeed in all of Canada), I was still curious to find out what others might be averaging on a per-tank basis. I'm currently at 7800 km on the odometer, and haven't reset the bordcomputer since buying the car, and it tells me that it's averaging 6.0 L/100 km. My Spritmonitor's tally is at 6.12 L/100 km, which seems well within the car's margin of error. After averaging 4.6 L/100 km in my old 450 cdi, I'm happily surprised by this gasser's performance so far. How's everyone else doing?
  8. At 2200 km here. Was out riding laps last weekend on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with some old high school friends, one of which was riding a Cervélo TT bike. We swapped rides for a lap which was fun, as I'd never tried a TT bike before.
  9. Wow. Glad the driver walked away from that mostly unscathed. The tridion did its job well!
  10. On a happier note, I am now seeing new 453s almost daily in Montreal. Many seem to be of the silver + black tridion variety, so I could be waving at the same (confused) driver over and over. Still, I've spotted a white + orange tridion and several blue/silver and white/black ones as well. Driving down the highway last week, I passed an older gent in a blue + silver 450 cabrio who was enthusiastically giving me the thumbs-up as I went by. I wish I could've told him that I was a 450 owner too.
  11. I really have no idea if anything in the actual steering mechanism is different, or if the feel is simply due to the lowered suspension plus the tire/wheel combo. The non-sport 453 was remarkably less exact than my car, for sure.
  12. The sport package includes a lowered suspension (1 cm), 16" wheels with the black y-patterned rims, wider tires, paddle shifters, stainless pedals and a chromed exhaust. The seats are a bit wide, but the interior does seem cozier overall, since there's a lot more width to the door panels. I don't think there are any other seat options though.
  13. I had a small issue with my 453 last week, and was given a similarly-equipped passion as a loner, since a part had to be shipped from MB HQ in Toronto. The loaner didn't have the sport package or the lower-profile 16" wheels. There was indeed a distinct difference in handling. I now know what you mean when you talked of the floaty steering feel on your loaner 453. Very glad I went with the sport version!
  14. 1600 km for me so far. The weather's improved remarkably, and today's torrential rains gave me a forced rest day. Yesterday was a scorcher, 33°C with a humidex of 43°C. I must've lost 10 lbs in sweat.
  15. Salut, Dave! Fellow Quebecer here. I'm in Montreal. Currently have a new 2016 smart, but had a 2005 cdi before that.