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  1. SOLD,, thanks to this community ,, they're special needs will be addressed .. by the good smart doctor stickman007 (Izzy) ,, picked up the rest of them today.
  2. i havn't the details,, these cars were my late dads gig,, i asked for the unfinished pile back from mech,, just excuses.. i guess it's gonna be one of those but now i know where to bug ya if i do,, on the other side of canada
  3. yea germany kept all the nice forest green/sand beige/light grey/subtle medium blue vw's,,, and sent abunch the freaky yellow/lime green/bright orange for the hippies in the 70's .... lol an 11th smart, diesel motor has been hung up at machine shop for years ,, something about can't get valves to complete the head job,, vw machinist lost arts happened also,,factory used super hot&cold differential to set valve guides,,, where as generic shops just glued them in__>aircooled gets hotter than watercooled,,the brass guides would slip down out of aluminum heads_and valve would split them and brass pieces would ruin just like a dropped valve.. but yea most makes had a time of no aftermarket for the old__ smartcars are at that point now,, and enough demand will spur it on,,for economy alone
  4. izzy's comin,, he's snow white for these 10dwarfs ,,, smarts are just at an age to afford to collect,,, old vw/jeeps/toyotas_ parts candidates are waay outa reach$$ ,, ten to one ratio_ ish. like the natives use the whole buffalo ,,, we use the whole smart or vw etc. nothing goes to waste,, ppl rebuild with nothing but abit of cab&vin. newer scrap for crush is $400+(just cat'&rad value),,,noname general-mill mile'd out completes are a $G... 500dollar 'A to B' beaters are no more either you or me is color blind? >bronze is a copper-brown,,, maybe u mean maroon__theres 2 of those nice,, others are white/black/red/blue
  5. there u are,,was wondering who's who in this zoo,,lol just saw ur old thread saying that about clones on other american smart forum,, thanks google! u also said it's likely only dealers would do that,, (kinda like the old Yenko muscle cars?) the brabus info was better performance in gassers+shocks,,but not the diesels_other than trim(this vin said base' trim>is a passion base trim?) reminds me of old dodge vans produced base; then sent to different coachworks to be camperized/motorhomes,new on the lots,,, i've had afew coachwork vw vans sold new dealership camperized,,, even 60years ago they couldn't put the westfalia brand on them.. similarly i can imagine a kit available for smartcars,,, but 2005+ isn't that long ago__use of a brand name would need legal sanction,, it's not like sticking SS>(not a brand) on a camaro>(is a brand)....... so legal sanction would make it legit___ by definition ,,, especially if it was sold that way new by a certified distributor/dealership.. as simple as an optional trim package is,, it does set it apart ,,and if not a museum candidate__put the Hayabusa motor & roast tires
  6. these look like brabus wheels,, my dad might have put them on this car he drove,, untill it started limping,,(it didn't like a cold day start). the red 06' coupe is the runner (yard pic with back window sticker says= 0 - 60 ,,,,,, eventually )
  7. the 2005 brabus is the black cabrio! if it's not a clone? it says brabus everywhere, and has a different front valance than the 2 other 05'cabrio's.. but doesn't have centered dual exhaust,,,aluminum 'B' rear shroud is straight across (maybe cuz it's diesel not gas?). vin#check matches black cabrio with orange interior ,,, but doesn't mention brabus_> i saw a mention elsewhere thats how it is,, brabus did their mods after the factory production,, and didn't make the diesels any faster _,,_ really didn't ad much value at the time,, other than the brand.. u guys tell me__ i'll upload pics .... (and all three cabrio's have good tops except for the rear vinyl windows bleached out and not flexible anymore, of course)
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