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  1. @Jt080883 I have 7.5x17 Brabus wheels on all four corners of my car. I did not need wheel spacers, but used them to get a more flush appearance that I was after. On front, I have 20mm Eibach spacers and on rear 30mm Eibach spacers. Never any rubbing issues on front or rear before or after spacers. I am running stock size rear US spec Brabus tires. Hankook 215/35-17 all around. Hope this may be of some help. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Very nice smart, but I am afraid you did not buy a Brabus. The car has no Brabus badges, ground effects, wheels, dash pods, lowered suspension, just to name a few differences. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell a Brabus by the Vin #. Unless someone back dated a Brabus to a Pure, not likely, you did not get what you were told you were getting. I am sorry to be the bearer of this news, but possibly you can get a price rebate from the dealer. Good luck.
  3. Several months ago, a member over at SCoA did some dyno pulls comparing stock filter and stock airbox to the silicone tube and different air filters. His best dyno pulls showed a gain of almost 5 horsepower over stock with the K&N air filter and the silicone tube. He tried different filters with the stock air box and the silicone tube and got some improvements, but the K&N with the silicone tube gave the largest gain. I know five horsepower is not much, but on our little engines, it does help. I forget to mention, the tested car was a 2009 451.
  4. I have something called a JZR with a Honda CX650 engine. It looks like an early Morgan Super Sports.
  5. I have driven less than 100 miles in the last year. Not really due to Covid, but I have been having a lot of knee problems ( need both replaced) so my wife does most of the driving in her van.
  6. Must have a turning radius of 100 yards..... Still kinda neat though.
  7. Welcome from Jacksonville, Fl. There are not many of us Floridians on this site. Are you also on Smart Car of America? That is the largest smart site in the US.
  8. Nice review. Seemed to be totally honest about the good and the not so good.
  9. That was fun to watch and I am really impressed by the ED smart.
  10. Still here.....coming up on 14 years.
  11. According to the ad, it has been listed for the last 13 years.
  12. Here is a front view showing the flush look of the wheels with spacers.
  13. This is my avatar, but the entire photo is too large.
  14. I had to add photo to my attachment pics and then download from there.
  15. Here is my car. Still no photo......