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  1. ill take 2 bypass pipes and whats left of your emulator stock, i just need your email to send the money and exchange information
  2. that would be awesome, i was kicking myself for not buying 3. im picking up another smart car, have a 3d printer and know my way around electronics id already have it but i needed to find a hiding spot for it so the other half doesnt know i have it.
  3. heres the emulator i bought, should have it in 4 to 10 days https://www.ebay.ca/itm/186338179436 i was just going to chop out as much stuff as i could to free up space while i was in there.
  4. picked up a 2006 that wont rev past 3000 ordered an emulator from an Albertan ebay seller planning to do a complete egr delete and intercooler delete while im in there Man Builds did it and replied it was 36c the other day and the car was running just fine in it anyone else do it yet https://youtu.be/SlthY5dWxjc
  5. i was searching using duckduckgo and went to images and just started clicking pictures to get to different websites and sellers one picture was from alibaba.de had it for $450 cad then i found one for $248 cad. i just figured the .de is dutch or denmark but ya at these prices ill just buy one
  6. this the one i need? https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32819256625.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2deu found one for $450 cad but its in dutch i think and i dont speak dutch
  7. yes, i bought a motor from china using paypal but the seller wouldnt send it to me until i told paypal that i received it in good condition so they would release the money to the seller. the seller had been burned too many times by us north americans but the seller was kind of known by some members on a forum i was on so i did it and he got his money and i got my motor. so if i find a STAR and connect it to the internet it will die a delphi wont work on a 2006 an Autel was mentioned but... so basically if there was a newest latest greatest scan tool on a budget that worked, it would be known by members here thanks
  8. im in Surrey BC Canada. i went and tried my Blue Driver obd2 but it was useless except that it said it was made in France im pretty sure the youtube channel, Man Builds, said that after 5 drive cycles codes get cleared if the problem stops happening my motor is really clean, was a 1 owner car for the last 18 years and 160,000 kms/100,000 miles i think i just might tear it apart, do the egr delete and have a good look at the common fail components and the turbo
  9. just picked up a 2006 cdi convertible anyone try the icarsoft mb 3.0 yet https://www.amazon.ca/iCarsoft-Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter-Diagnostic-Actuation/dp/B08ZH9T8C7/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 i dont trust amazon reviews the car is in limp mode and wont rev up to 4000 rpm
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