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  1. UPDATE I'm tipping the odometer at 53,000 miles and here are my observations:Problems:1) Updated: Poor Dealer Service. <- MB closed that and many other non MB Dealerships. Current closer MB Dealership does a good job of maintenance but you need to keep an eye on the Dealership trying to over-maintenance your vehicle.2) Left drivers mirror still slightly vibrates after dealership replaced it. The right side mirror which is rock solid.3) Wiper adjusted by old dealership because wiper hit tridion cell on high speed but only when in conjunction with high head winds.Positives:1) Gas mileage: I'm getting a constant 325-425 miles per tank and I'm ok with that. all the time. No longer update spiritmonitor.2) The smart has exceeded most of my expectations and am STILL very pleased with it's overall performance.3) No other minor or major problems... at the moment.Comments:1) I do not get ALL the recommended services done per the smart owners manual as I see no benefit from over-maintenance my vehicle.2) Oil changes ever 10,000 miles w/ MB 0-40 synthetic & MB filter.3) I WILL do the recommended maintenance but at double the interval such as changing the coolant, brake fluid and spark plugs.Overall:I'd say that my 2008 smart has exceeded my expectations and although you can get lemons with any type of car, if you do get one, just make some lemonaide.
  2. I'd consider another purchase of a basic Smart - as long as it is a diesel version.
  3. I guess you could rename the Prius to the Kamikaze with the mandatory banzai brakes.
  4. Having had my battery replaced with an upgraded one under warrany for the 451 I can say YES it is a maintenance free battery and just so you know it was manufactured by Interstate Batteries for smart.
  5. As of this posting the smartcenter Virginia Beach Virginia had 25 smarts that were available for purchase on the lot so it does look like there are more smarts to be purchased at least around this neck of the woods.
  6. The solution would be "No matter where you are the law should be obeyed by the public and enforced by peace officers." If one or more vehicles were so small that two or more could be placed in the same parking space and there was no law that prohibited it then no one has the right to complain about them just because 'their' personal opinion differs for what the law allows. Conversely if an over sized vehicle went over the size of the parking space then if there was a law providing one vehicle per parking space then I would expect that the law be followed and the vehicle be ticketed no matter where they parked.
  7. I get a few fliers in the mail saying that my warranty is expiring soon and I better get in touch with them before it runs out. I also got a phone call today and when I asked then THEIR name and number they hung up.
  8. Well that makes no sense that a wiring harness is not available. I think that it would indeed take awhile to get a factory replacement harness but to get a custom one made I would think would void any kind of warranty work should some other electrical problem arise.
  9. My first thoughts were that his answers said a lot of words that equaled very little in value or substance. Instead of automated scripted answers he should have used plain talk. Very disappointed and a waste of time for me to have been reading his drivel.After I posted this I had to edit it to add this, another point that irks me was that as far as he was concerned the only accessories worth purchasing were those that put a percentage of 'BRABUS' cash into his pockets. I was very annoyed by his reply on that question.
  10. I already have a smart but I would like to take you up on the FREE SNOW TIRES
  11. I find that that people who do drive carelessly do endanger themselves and the general motoring public as well and when and if someone does want to crawl up ma smarts arse then I either am or change lanes into the right lane and slow down to 5 miles below the posted speed limit and should the offender do the same then I'll slow down another 5 miles per hour as long as I am not creating a hazard to other NORMAL drivers then should the offending driver do the same then I just ignore them and find the nearest police station or a well populated gas station of some such and pull in to let the offender go on his way and harass someone else.
  12. Looking for automotive and motorcycle information, shows, races, documentaries, drifting, rally, drag racing, reviews, smart stuff, magazine articles and many other things automotive, motorcycle, science, etc... related? Looking in my signature you will find a link that says 'smart ftp server' just click on that link and it will transport you to several hours of reading and viewing material. I don't really advertise because it is a niche server dedicated only to archiving automotive and motorcycle stuff. All items located on the 'smart ftp server' can be freely downloaded from various sources on the Internet. If you have any problems, questions or comments, post them in this thread please. There is a great deal of information found all over the Internet I am a particular fan of Top Gear and Fifth Gear stuff and this web page is chocked full of information: Finalgear especially inside their forums.
  13. No matter how you slice it In my opinion American Automakers, particularly the Big Three will never be the same. GM is on the precipice of failure without US Goverment intervention and the VOLT as published HERE is nothing more than an overpriced vehicle which the masses who need economy will not puirchase when other cheaper better alternatives are readily available.
  14. Sorry if this has been posted before. A Texas startup has finally pulled the wraps off its 40-mpg, 450-horsepower Scorpion roadster, a hand-built hydrogen-burning "eco-exotic" that is sexier than Angelina Jolie and has the performance to provide more grins than nitrous oxide. Read the full story: 40MPG 450Horsepower