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  1. On the 17th of February I had the T appraised - $20,000. A bit generous as similar T's seem to be going for around 12 - 15,000. Of course that's when things turned for the worst. Right after the appraisal I tried and tried to get her started and nothing worked. I checked the compression, with the help of my friend, and found the problem. Compression on # 1 and 4 was 50psi which is normal #2 was 25 and #3 was ZERO! That would explain why the difficulty to start and idle. So I ordered a new head gasket ($35) and removed the 15 head bolts - all came out with no damage. The cylinder head was in good shape (has huge combustion chambers). The pistons and cylinders looked to be in good shape. The problem looked to be the exhaust valves for the #2 and 3 cylinders. The seats and the valves were pitted and carboned up. Decided to try to clean them up, and lap the valves to try to get some compression. Did all that and had the head planed ($100). Put her back together and guess what - no improvement - in fact the #2 now had no compression. Oh well, it was worth a try because the next logical step would be to take the engine to a machine shop for a rebuild. My friend worked for 35 years at the Ford St. Thomas assembly plant and for the last 15 years there he was a repairman who swapped out engines and transmissions. So it was relatively easy for the two of us to get the engine and transmission out - about 4 hours total. The machine shop that I use is very busy and didn't even have the room to store the engine. They also said it would be easier for them to just have the engine. So last Wednesday we removed the tranny cover and pedals. The lower pan is shared by the engine and tranny - a lot of bolts to remove that, and then just 4 holding the flywheel and the tranny was off. That only took 2 hours. With the tranny off the machine shop was able to take the engine. I'm hoping they will be able to examine it this week so I can get the parts ordered. Unfortunately for me the machine shop is at least a month behind. As I stated earlier the combustion chamber is huge and could easily accommodate the new domed high compression pistons that give more power. Prices again I think are reasonable - the pistons, rings, and valves would come to about us$500 I'm also considering an improved clutch. A bit of a set back but once she's all back together I should be able to get years and years of service from her.
  2. Maybe the fuel pump failing?
  3. They also take larger tires than the stock rims.
  4. So on the 15th of Dec my friend and I tried to start ''Lizzie''. She turned over but wouldn't fire. When the ignition was turned on you should normally hear a ''buzzing'' sound this was absent. Decided to call in a ''T'' expert - Diesel Dave. He was kind enough to drive down to help over the holidays. We determined that there was power going to the front circuit board but none to the coils. ''Hotwired'' and now we heard the coils buzzing! That meant the ignition switch was defective. We tried starting and heard a few sputters, remember the carb had been rebuilt so it needed to be adjusted correctly. We tried for a few minutes to get her going and then another problem - the bendix drive let go. Probably our fault for using the starter too long. Dave said that was a relatively easy repair. Turns out the ignition switch was $95 with 2 new keys and a new bendix was $75. Ordered the parts and they arrived 5 days later. IMHO very reasonable. The ignition switch was easy to replace. Only 9 wires to transfer. The bendix drive was also easy to replace. It had 4 screws holding the cover. Awkward but doable, When the cover was removed you could see that the spring had broken. That would have been only $8 to replace. With those repairs done we were now ready to try starting her again - and voila after a few minutes she fired up and ran!!!!! That put a smile on my face!!! She did run a little rough so I decided to replace the spark plugs ($14 per) While I was waiting for those, ''Lizzie'' was put up on the hoist and I cleaned up the underside. Then I applied a paint over rust primer and 2 top coats. The same was done for the steel rims. Last Wed my friend and I worked on fitting the Rocky Mountain brakes. We finished that but the final step was to weld a rod onto the brake lever. That was removed and my friends son volunteered to do the welding as he is a machinist. So yesterday we finished the install. We did the best we could adjusting the brakes but we will need to do a road test for the final adjust. That won't happen till the snow is gone and the roads are clear. Now I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather
  5. try this..... Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia
  6. (1) Thinking of Buying a Smart ForTwo 451 (2008-2015)? - YouTube
  7. Selling for a friend of my sisters. I've serviced the car for 1 1/2 yrs. They are selling because of illness. In very good condition Heated leather seats JVC radio Located in London Asking $4700 Contact Glenn 519-933-6513
  8. Did you check the fuses? Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia To remove the front marker lights, electrical tape wrapped on the edge will give you a better grip.
  9. It is a gasser 450. I believe G&K only imported the gas models.
  10. I Finally Sold My Forgotten SMART - YouTube
  11. Welcome to the club!
  12. That's news to me! Where did you hear that rumour?
  13. It's been over 16 years since my smart journey started. My daily driver is still G65! I will continue to have smarts as long as humanly possible! Last year I continued to maintain my own smart and assisted many clubsmartcar members! 2020 was to say the least a very different year, The London members did not have any monthly meets starting in March! I really miss those meets! 2021 looks to be even different! The owner of the warehouse where my shop is located told me that would like to see me vacate by the spring as he has found new tenants. So I have a lot of parts to get rid of in the next 3 months! I've parted out at least 6 450's and 2 451's. If you need anything smart related feel free to contact me as prices will be more that reasonable. Looks to be a transitional year for me!
  14. Here's hoping for peace and good health in 2021 to all the smarties out there!!!
  15. '' The design is inspired by the European bubble cars of the 50’s except those were three wheelers whereas this one is a four wheeler '' BMW Isetta