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  1. LOL, Thanks buddy. And I know you bought one. Maybe the intake setup too? Sure gave the little 450 that sporty sound.
  2. Been years since I've been on the forum. I've been missing the "GT" lately, and thought I would see if anyone knows where it might be..
  3. I think it's both mechanically driven and electronic controlled. It has plugs going into the pump and also runs a computer although the OBD port only has 2 wires on the plug, so I guess it's very simple in the computer stage. I pulled a code yesterday from the trucks computer and it reads code #21= water temp sender unit. But this code light had been on for months so I'm not thinking that' the problem Maybe the computer told the pump to change when it realized the injectors were higher pressure and is now confused? Anyway I ordered the water sensor. Injectors will be put to spec again today to double check. I'm thinking the systems are fine but a bad sensor is telling things to do this. When the engine light comes on the motor sounds different at the same time. It idles fine then 30 seconds in the light comes on and the engine changes pitch It's all drive by wire so there isn't anything to actually see when it changes sound, and it's not engine brake is not engaging, I checked that. Dealer just says bring it in, They would love that I'm sure. I will need to remortgage if that happens.
  4. I'll check the output and settings on the fuel pump in the morning...before the heat hits.
  5. Hey guys, I have a question for any diesel mechanics out there. My truck is a 2000 Mitsubishi FG and it has a 3.9 liter Mitsubishi Fuso 4D34 engine. Lately it's been a bit low on power so I took out the injectors and sent them to be cleaned and set up. When I got them back he told me the spray patterns were a bit wonky and not good plus some of the pressure values were set at 180-210 bar. The setting calls for 230 bar so he set them there. Anyway I reinstalled them and have been driving for a few hours. Now, the truck has much less power. What's with that? All filters are new BTW. It seems to rev ok but has no power like before. And it was pretty gutless before. He pulled them again and rechecked them all but he said they are as good as new. So I'm stumped. I'm hoping a diesel mechanic is in the club. Steve
  6. Just updated with new info and pics. !
  7. Good score!
  8. We actually got married right on the beach there years back. Super amazing trip. We walked down a path in NSW and I have never felt that sort of heat before. It actually felt dangerous. If you passed out on that path you would be in very bad shape or dead. That is if the snakes and spiders don't get you first............oh yea and the sharks.
  9. Yea, those are good, I've been there and you're right it gets hot!
  10. I'm updating a few pics of my little 71 Rotary Mazda part time project. Finally have my R100 dash in.! Also the 5 speed with performance pressure plate and clutch is in. Along with the 1200cc rotary. This took extensive reworking of the engine and transmission mounts. The biggest challenge was to have the stick shift come out in the hole in the dash inside the car. This motor has ceramic apex racing seals and heavy porting of the intake and exhaust ports ("bridgeporting" ), so it will make very strong power to 9500rpm. Racing Beat in California tells me I should have 230hp with this setup I'm running, we have gone through everything so they know this setup well. This is actually a full race motor I'm running on the street so will have to be very carefull. The car is only 1700 lbs Trying to get it ready for the Japanese car show in Victoria this summer.
  11. Well a little update here, The bad news: #1 The stock motor is toast (1200cc 4cyl) Someone let it sit for many years after a blown head gasket and the water inside screwed up lots of stuff. Not worth the time and money for me to rebuild it all again. #2 That brand new 1300cc 4 cyl crate motor that came with the car isn't even close to fitting up with anything. so I would need a new transmission, water pump, starter, intake, carb linkage, ignition, exhaust manifold and piping, etc, etc. Now the good news: I just put a deposit on a 240hp Fully bridgeported 12A rotary motor with all sorts of racing goodies inside. Stock for my car is 67hp .. so 240 should be fun.! It should do mid to high 13's in the 1/4 mile ....or about the same as a "Smartzuki"...or maybe just a tad slower. Here's the basic motor:
  12. I bought one from "pinhead" (I think It's Brian?) Anyway, yes it plugs into the socket port on a 450 and gets you out of jams like steep slippery roads where the 450 does the "funky chicken" and gets itself all confused. The old GT had no troubles after that.
  13. Now he just needs to add "Roo bars"
  14. No "cat" and the old 2nd gen GT Exhaust