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  1. I hesitate to say this (but I'm gonna): You guys sound like you were born old. Convince me that you've never had any extra-legal fun. I bet you've done your share. Who'd they harm? Looks to me like one guy mulched his bike. Ho hum. Reminds me of the ton-up cafe racers in '60's London. Plenty of moral outrage there too. Just sayin'
  2. I have to disagree with MikeT about snow. I do agree that real winter tires (as opposed to all season) are a must, but even so, the traction control just kills power to the wheel that's lost traction. Doesn't transfer it to the wheel that does. So you go slower, and slower, and slower until you're stuck. Might be good on ice, but its crap in our kind of snow. Heat? We're 35 k from town, and even with five or ten minutes on high idle the cold can be pretty bad. We park it after -25. Must be gettin' old. Can't beat it in the summer though! '05 Pure.
  3. Not my favourite decade or my favourite genre. Didn't much care for Prince either. Now that my hearing's gone to hell I just don't care. Period.
  4. Reminds me of Cait. Remember her? After she graduated, she didn't go home, she loaded up her car with everything she had at the Uni, and drove up here and on to Alaska. Then I gather she went home to Ontario via Vancouver Island. Cool lady. She was going into the restaurant business I thought. Did she?
  5. Junior High School, Calgary circa nineteen ought fifty something: some rich kid had a Messerschmidt. Licensed as a scooter, so he could drive it at 14. Oh the envy!
  6. ebay took down the revised links to the other stuff, so I'm guessing they were pretty funny too.
  7. Internal Combustion Engine - I forgot that not everyone is up to date with EV driver lingo. WTF? Does everyone understand THAT in the era of old pharts trying to keep up with texting lingo?
  8. Hey. I've got a family of them too. The last time they flooded a couple of acres and I had them trapped out. This time I think I'll work with them. Hopefully we won't lose a couple of really old spruce, and I'll end up with a 12 foot head to run my hydraulic rams. My son just gave me a really good camera. If I can get a photo I'll post it. Cheers
  9. My apologies for carrying this thread farther... Has anybody else noticed the replacement of "You're welcome" with "No problem"? I really find that irritating, but if I called the speaker on it I'd be less polite than they are.
  10. Agreed. But if you're interested there's a book: Mother Tongue, English and how it got to be that way. It explains how Boxes and oxen came to be and how houses nearly became housen. Cheers
  11. I finally figured that one out Mike T. Well worded!
  12. Saaalivate! Salivate! Drink to the music... Just an old song from me youth. I cook with beer too. Damn little goes into a marinade though.
  13. No surprises about Boatie McBoatface here. Remember when Nunavut was carved off the Northwest Territories? The government of NWT asked for public input for a new name for the remainder. The very strong second choice (some of us think it was an overwhelming first choice covered up by an embarrassed GNWT) was "Bob".
  14. You probably remember something you bought, without any expectations of a warranty, that served you well for 25 years. (OK some of you can't.) Well, the other day we bought a kettle. It's simple. It has a whistle because we're not so good at multitasking anymore and need to be reminded that there's something on the stove. Its a brand name that makes you think its really high-end, but it was on sale cheap. The packaging cheerfully stated in big print: "TWENTY-FIVE YEAR WARRANTY". So in 2040, one year before the warranty runs out, the handle falls off. The retailer that you bought it from is no longer in business; the store was razed in 2030 to make room for more high-end condoms. The manufacturer is no longer in business because it was bought out, merged, moved to China, and now specializes in robot turnip twaddlers. And now the biggie: "I wonder where I put that receipt?" Jeez!
  15. Irregardless is a double negative. Lol, lmao, lmfho, and rofl are NOT punctuation. They should at least be preceded by something funny. That seldom seems to be the case.