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  1. At $459,000 explore the most expensive vehicle in the MB line up. A beautiful piece of machinery that will turn heads. Here is one of several you tube presentations. It is good to be back on the smart car forum, although, this certainly is not a smart.
  2. While considering another smart, Star Motors Rep tells me that the gas version has improved tremondously and perhaps that before I do buy another diesel, consider trying the latest gas models. Also, the mileage I put on a vehicle is high and can the diesel really stand up to the high mileage. My previouse diesel cost me a lot in repairs. May 17/09 picked up a B class and just rolled 60,000km. Garry
  3. Congratulationsl. Hope this brings years of enjoyment. I am seriously considering a new smart, or, used gas cabriolet. Right now it is look and learn time.Garry
  4. When I was in Germany, in May, I looked at the A-Class and was impressed. That is a great size for a second car or, one car family. It is good to read a success story amongst all the negativity in today's auto sector.Garry
  5. Well, deezle, I have found a bright pair of be posted.Love the B200 but miss my smart and saving for another. This time a cnvertible. I have had the car for about 6 weeks and just turned over 14, least that is what it is showing. Average is 8.7km/ 100 according to the computer screens. Now, I will have them check out the total kms registering as I find it hard to believe I have travelled so much.....though it is possible.The sport trans and comfort mode are great when needed, however, the comfort mode for fuel savings is the best. Love the ride and feel...........though my wife still laughs when she sees me parking or, backing up. I appears the "smart" size conflicts with the brain when judging distance going in and out of parking spaces. The kids laugh at my technical skills and programmng of the phone system etc. The room in this vehicle is fantastic.lCan you imagine a B200 Cross Canada Relay???Garry
  6. Hi gang. I have a few smart spare parts for sale, since temperarily giving up my smart. I tried posting in the sale forum but only sold a few things, so thought some of the locals might see this and be interested.1. Full size spare summer tire on a rim $125.002. Taneau cover $403. Spare ash tray $20I am saving for the purchase of a second I will be back.Garry
  7. LED side lights and cup holder have been sold.Garry
  8. Thanks......I will post a pic when I find a "bright" pair!Garry
  9. Black exterior / black interior. Very pleased in the 400km since 6p.m. last evening. I have never driven a luxury car, like this and it is all taking some adjustment. Beautiful ride, and the electronics will take some time to read up on. It is a car that will be enjoyed. Non-turbo, which is o.k. by me. Whereas the smart is a social car, drawing all kinds of looks, gestures and fun smiles, this car is ignored. Garry
  10. Well, my first time here and thanks Mike T for posting and encouraging this forum. Well, today I picked up a new B200 MB and what a vehicle. One cannot compare it to the smart, as the smart is, in my opinion, purchased for fun the the "driving experience" of adult children.This car is just wonderful and I will post my experience as I get into it. Take care.Garry
  11. You are right. 145/65/15 and in mint are right. Picked up a B200 today. MB came through after much negotiation. They stepped up to the plate. Very satisfied. When I said good bye to SPLATTT there was a lump in the throat.....175,000km+/-.There is no intention to give up being smartie, and I will be here frequently. My current thoughts are to save for a smart convertible......addicted I am, I am. Also, there may be a time where I will rent a smart and try my hand at getting together for an event.Garry
  12. I am selling the following items: a. brand new steel rim and front tire, which I kept as a spare, never used. I stored it in behind the drivers seat. It was for a Diesel. $140 b. I have a coffee cup holder $10. c. Spare never used ashtray. $10. c. LED side lights (go where the orange peel lights are) $25.00 Garry P.S. I also have an aluminum driver side kick plate which fits over the carpet on the wheel well. It is held on by velcro and really protects the carpet when placing your foot on the well. $20.
  13. MB Hq can pull any maintenance record off the system, as well, they can request the dealer supply them with all records, as was done in my case. Garry
  14. Going up for sale with 32,000kms. Formerly owned by Natural Resources Canada. Here is the link for the picture and options, including VIN. Date of auction is April 18 at 9, with other cars, trucks etc. The auction is at Rideau Auctions, Winchester, Ontario, 1 hour south of Ottawa and 20 minutes east of Kemptville. Garry;CurrentRow=157
  15. Bil.....your PM box is full.Garry