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  1. Welcome to CsC.
  2. Welcome to the club.
  3. Welcome to the club.
  4. IIRC, has instructions with photos on the steps to remove the rear panels on a 451. When I changed exhausts several years ago on my 2011, it was necessary to cut the factory flange bolts, due to corrosion. Having the rear panels off will make this much easier. You will also want a helper.
  5. Changed the oil, serviced front brakes. Still have to service the rears and install winter tires. And she should be good for another year, until the next oil change is due.
  6. What brand and octane level of fuel do you use?
  7. 219k km and counting on my 2011.
  8. If the battery is good, could simply be a failed starter. It is a fairly easy job to replace.
  9. I have read of issues getting keys to go into dirty ignition cylinders but I do not recall mention of a key stuck in the ignition. I would question if the selector is truly in park. When you cycle the gear selector, does the corresponding gear show up in the display? Any stored fault codes?
  10. Welcome to CsC.
  11. Monday morning just south of Auburn ON.
  12. The combination of the battery under 12V and a booster pack may not be enough to raise the voltage enough to engage the starter. Either charge the battery or boost from a running vehicle.
  13. I have removed as many MS apps as possible. My previous experience with Win10 (several years ago) was with an older laptop running in the tablet mode. Once you get away from that nonsense and become familiar with how to perform everyday tasks in 10 it is less craptacular. Once everything is setup on my Lenovo M900 Tiny, it should make for a good multimedia setup for hopefully many years.
  14. I wonder if MB is still wanting about $300 for a smart alloy wheel? Several years ago now, I was going to go the route of 4 OE rear wheels, until I did some research, I bought 4 Team Dynamic 16" x 7.5" wheels for about the price of 2 OE rear wheels.