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  1. If you go ahead with the Roadster conversion, please keep us informed.
  2. I expect the OP will have to perform a great deal of customizing. Not knowing what the ultimate end goal of this potential project is, if it was me I would go looking for a BRABUS 450 drivetrain, rebuild it, and install that.
  3. The 451 is larger in most respects but shares brake parts. You would have to fit the 451 drive train to the 450 engine cradle.
  4. A bad connection at either the radio or cd player.
  5. If memory serves, there have been several instances of faulty/broken interior temperature sensors causing the A/C to fail to function. The sensor is located in the passenger footwell.
  6. The 451 will shift up at less than 3000 rpm. One of the reasons I drive in manual mode.
  7. With a STAR machine you may be able to set the LEDs as the default DRLs. That may disable the low beams as DRLs.
  8. No negatives. The resonator box limits some of the intake noise.
  9. I went the Barney O route of deleting the resonator box in my 451 and installing a budget hose. Changing air filters is very easy now.
  10. This morning just west of Seaforth. I did not pick the best time to clean the windshield.
  11. I would recommend a 91 octane fuel without ethanol. I try to only run Shell in my 451.
  12. The 451 is about 200 lbs heavier. Faster in the 1/4 mile than a remapped cdi.
  13. Tuned in California. Removed speed limiter and there is a slight performance improvement off the line and above 4000 rpm.
  14. A full BRABUS 451 would be fun.