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  1. Been a while, but I'm pleased to say that our smart is still going strong at 93000km. We have just come out of our extended warranty and I thought I'd give a little report on our experiences. During this period we had the car in for warranty work three times, during the first month of coverage, the middle of the period, and the last month of coverage. The first warranty fix was a replaced injector (about $1000 w/labour). Next, we had a bunch of suspension work (springs, shocks, tie ends, etc) covered (approx $2000 w/labour). Finally, two weeks ago, we had a fuel line and a bunch of seals replaced (approx $300). For the final repair we had an extended wait for parts as they had to order from Germany. This was the first smart repair we ever had (and we've had quite a few) that took over 2 days and, to our surprise, the dealer gave us a B Class to use for 8 days. Overall, I have to commend Victoria Star for their service during this period.I've never been a fan of extended warranties in the past, but I am glad I went against my instincts and got one in this case as it obviously worked in our favour. With a different car, I probably wouldn't have got one (or likely won't in future) but we had numerous repairs during our regular warranty and I had a hunch that this would continue after warranty. Still happy with the smart (and my Kymco People S 125 scooter) for the short term but we are eyeing the Fiat 500, Prius C and few others in the mid term. Certainly not before the end of summer (as I love driving the smart then) and quite possibly not for longer than that too.cheers,garth
  2. That's really good to hear. Have many others been able to negotiate an out of warranty freebie? I've heard that even some with extended warranties have been out of luck when it comes to free AC repair. I had mine "fixed" Summer 2008 & April 2010 under original warranty. AC is working fine at the moment but I expect to need an AC repair/refill again next summer...
  3. Curious, was this an original warranty, extended warranty, or out of warranty freebie?
  4. I'm sitting at 82300 KM right now with a delivery date on the car of April 2006. Hoping to make it to 200000 km by 2018 or so...garth
  5. Had my 2006 (82K km) in the shop because it developed some squeaks and creaks in recent weeks. I expected them to find a broken spring and maybe a faltering shock or two, but it turned out to be a much bigger job. I ended up getting the following replaced: both front springs and shocks, both rear shocks, a wheel bearing (that was damaged during the repairs), a supporting arm, tie rod ends, and a bunch of smaller/cheaper parts. Service adviser said it would have cost about $2000 with labour but luckily it was all covered under the extended warranty (still have 8 months left on it and it already covered a $1k injector a year ago so I guess I got lucky w/ the warranty and maybe a little unlucky w/ the car). Kudos to Victoria Star, BTW. Anyway, I also replaced the front brakes and tires at the same time and, not surprisingly given all the new parts, the car is driving like brand new...actually the ride seems better than I remember when it was new!garth
  6. Just wondering how many of you are still running with your original batteries (or how long your original lasted)? My car is just about to turn 5 and I'm quite surprised that my battery is still going strong considering I live in freezing hot S. Ontario and the smart seems quite demanding on batteries. I've got 78K km on the car at present.cheersgarth
  7. I owned a black 250 Elite (same year as yours) and also a red 150 Elite. Super reliable little bikes and the 250 could get close to 130km/h (with the right wind) if I remember correctly. I'm looking for a new scooter this spring but aiming for something a little more Italian. Good luck with the sales...whoever gets them will be pleased.
  8. Yeah, roads are in the same shape in KW and, unfortunately, mine didn't hold up...had the pleasure of replacing the wheel bearing on both sides (front) last week @ about 78K km. Cost about $600 at the dealer.
  9. Yeah, the drive between Guelph and Fergus is flat and can be pretty blustery. Still, the numbers for the area are pretty low (long term annual averages from Weather Network):Kitchener-Waterloo: 133cmCompared to other nearby cities:Windsor: 126cmToronto: 133cmGuelph: 156cmLondon: 202cmOttawa: 202cmBarrie: 238cmStratford: 243cmOwen Sound: 357cmAnd other Eastern Cites:Halifax: 176cmMontreal: 217cmQuebec: 316cmSt John's: 322cmSo on the whole KW is pretty good snow-wise for an Eastern city, though far more than Vancouver (a whopping 43cm). Sorry a bit bored...
  10. Coming into my fifth winter driving in Kitchener-Waterloo and the smart (with snow tires) has been as good as any other small car in the snow. Warm clothes, heated seats (which I don't have), a garage, and block heater would be useful too. KW really isn't too snowy (more than Vancouver to be sure) as we are outside of the snow belts and tend not to get much lake-effect snow. You'll do fine.
  11. I was going to go for coin slots, but they are actually pretty useful for collecting dust & dirt, so I'll go w/ AC.garth
  12. Just received a a stylish invitation for a Smart City Hunt . The details are sort of vague, but it involves a hunt, prizes, and a light reception. Takes place in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The Toronto event is on August 21st...not sure the other two dates. You can register here... garth
  13. I have the same rust problem on my driver's side. No rust elsewhere so I'm assuming that it is just salty boot slush causing the issue. I did ask about a warranty fix but apparently it doesn't cover this sort of cosmetic rust.
  14. Got rid of our other car within a month of taking the smart home and we (two of us) have been quite happy living with 1 car and 2 seats for the past 4 years. At times we have cheated with a rental though not very often, and have also used our scooter and bikes in the good weather.
  15. Just got the car back from my its B service (67000 km) @ Victoria Star. Cost was about $260 w/ taxes so not too bad compared to some of my early B services. As always, the service was on time and car was clean.Also had them check for codes on an intermittent check engine light that I've had over the past week and a faulty injector turned out to be the problem. Would have cost about $1000 for the fix so I was quite glad that I had bought the extended warranty last month...don't think I will have too much problems recovering the costs on that investment. This was actually the 2nd injector I've had replaced under warranty in the past year. cheers,garth