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  1. Hi all, I’m selling this little model of the edit10n 10th anniversary Canadian Smart. Only 10,000 were made - I think I picked it up at the Montreal car show. New in box, never opened. Im in Ottawa, but can ship within Canada for $5. $20 or best offer.
  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing these!
  3. Hey all, I'm very sadly selling my smart -- I love this thing, but I'm taking the bus to work, and it's no fun for a car to sit around in the garage. So I'll offer it up first here, and hopefully it can go to a smart fan! Details! Price: $8,700 About 47,000 km (70% highway) Warranty until June 2012 All scheduled maintenance done at Mercedes Benz (records available upon request) Never smoked in, eaten in, dogged in or children'd in. One owner, careful driver. Options Metallic blue panels Panoramic roof Extras 4 winter tires on rims (Conti winter) Mesh net in rear iPhone/iPod holder, power and audio cable Contact me! Car located in western Ottawa
  4. Aw, that's a sweet story! Okay, I'll gather my courage and talk to some folks.
  5. Falcon: I don't think so -- parking downtown looks to be $170-$200+/month, whereas a bus pass is $80/month or so.Gent: Good suggestions, thanks! I don't think there's much residential in the area (just south of Parliament), unfortunately.
  6. Hey all!I love driving to work (and hate the bus), but I just got a new job downtown -- holy cow is parking there expensive. I'm trying to figure out my options. So far I've got:Keep the smart, see if I can find some cheap, smart-sized parking that no one else can use (most expensive)Keep the smart but take the bus, and drive it on evenings/weekends (moderately expensive)Switch to the bus, sell the smart (cheapest, saddest)Any thoughts? Do any of you park downtown in a bigger city? Any downtown Ottawa parking tips?
  7. The 08 has an AUX port in the glove compartment, but no USB -- so you can listen to music or use your phone for GPS and charge it, but good luck doing both!However, I was able to squeeze an audio cable out the back of the glovebox and down to the cupholder, and the iphone lives there now.
  8. I don't know if they can do much about this, but better stability in wind gusts would be really nice. Driving down the highway on a windy day can be scary!I don't mind the manual mode; it's a fun compromise between the two transmission types. I wouldn't mind ditching D altogether because it sucks, and it makes car reviewers think it's just a lurchy automatic.
  9. On 2008 and later models, you get a D or +/- gear selection instead of the button.
  10. The emergency kit that comes with the car fits nicely! I also threw my snow brush, a reusable shopping bag, and a fleece blanket in there. It's pretty roomy.
  11. This article in today's Globe suggests that regular gas from top-tier stations is just as good as premium: Given that, is there any wear and tear related reason to keep buying premium at those stations?
  12. > -31.6°CDaaaaang. Not very nice weather for an inadvertent convertible! I wonder if the adhesive on the replaced roof wasn't up to the cold standards of the original?
  13. MB replaced all 4 valve stems under warranty, and I never had the problem again!
  14. And we're back! 32 hours round trip; 49 MPG US / 4.8 L/100km was my best tank. Everything went smoothly despite the snowstorm, except we hit massive wind gusts from southern PA to Syracuse. That wasn't so fun. But otherwise, the smart did splendidly!Even though we were 100+ miles from the nearest smart dealer for most of the trip, and only saw one other smart, we got very few comments. Only, one actually, from a guy in a Waffle House parking lot, who wanted to know how it did in the snow.