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  1. Hi Francesco,It's due to an international production delay. Winter conditions will naturally reduce range in any electric vehicle but this is not the cause for the delay.
  2. Hi all,smart Canada here - Francesco, you are correct. We evaluated the potential for a "sale & care" type program where the battery is rented for a monthly rate but opted against offering it. Instead we now have only one MSRP that is communicated, which is the full MSRP of the car without any fees that are later added on.
  3. Great news! smart Canada is proud to announce that pricing is now available for the smart ebike and the smart fortwo electric drive. The smart fortwo electric drive coupe will start from $26,990 while the electric drive cabriolet will be priced from $29,990. Priced from $3,240, the smart ebike is ideal for city use and blends an unconventional design with high technology standards to create a fun and functional urban transportation solution that offers the comfort of a power-assisted two-wheeler and the easy handling of a bicycle.
  4. Yes, the program is definitely legitimate. Daimler is required to do testing on high-mileage vehicles both in Canada and the USA. This is to ensure that the emissions of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles do not worsen as they get older. Since the USA did not have the 450 smart, they require them to be brought in from Canada. Most remaining vehicles that are tested are sourced directly from the US. The Research and Development facility is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Daimler technicians perform the tests. The smarts that are sent to Ann Arbor are put onto what is essentially a treadmill for cars and the emissions are measured. The only result you would see is about 60km of mileage put onto the car. If there is any minor maintenance required (ie. oil change), the technicians would perform this prior to the testing. Hope this helps!
  5. The touchscreen system's desire to switch back to imperial units can be changed with a simple update to the system next time you need to go in for service.
  6. No dates are scheduled for this weekend, but feel free to check out our Canada-wide schedule at
  7. Actually, you will be able to test drive the model year 2011 smart fortwo electric drive. 1,500 of these were produced globally, with 45 in Canada. However, to celebrate the smart plugged in tour, you can enter a contest on our Facebook page ( to win a model year 2013 smart fortwo electric drive cabriolet.
  8. While we would have loved to include the west coast, the skills that will be taught will focus largely on winter driving. Some of you definitely have winter driving to deal with but a date in Vancouver or Victoria would not have had much snow this time of year. Rest assured that we keep all cities and of course all our loyal smart clubs in mind when we plan events that are not so weather-specific or seasonal in nature. Regarding the GTA, smart was part of the Mercedes-Benz test drive event that took place in conjunction with the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto - attendants had the chance to test drive most of the Mercedes-Benz lines along with three smart fortwos on a closed cone course. This test drive event occurs every year so if you missed it this year, there's always the next.
  9. Hello everyone, on February 4-6, smart Canada held its very first smart winter driving skills training session. We are pleased to announce that additional dates are now planned as follows:Ottawa: March 5-6Winnipeg:March 5-6Quebec City: March 7-8Edmonton: March 12-13Calgary:March 19-20Hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for each city. To find specific addresses for your city, please visit the registration page ( join us at the smart winter driving skills training session and master techniques of safe, effective winter driving. Challenge yourself behind the wheel of a smart as you take on a special driving course in winter conditions. Our experts will guide you in maximizing your traction and car control as you build up your winter driving confidence. We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the winter capability of the smart fortwo. Best of all, it’s FREE and open to the public. Drop in anytime from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm for registration, or register in advance at (for Quebec City participants, please sign up at note that this event will take place outdoors. Therefore, please dress appropriately. The driving will take place for 20-30 min in an enclosed area on a small cone course. Winter weather driving conditions will depend upon the weather at the time of the event. This program is a test drive event only where you will be able to learn new tips and tricks for effective winter (and everyday) driving. There will be no sales consultants present.
  10. Among all of the other Green attractions, smart will be there with a display and they will be offering test drives. The show starts this Friday and runs until Sunday: Friday, April 24 – 10 am - 9 pm Saturday, April 25 – 10 am - 9 pm Sunday, April 26 – 10 am - 6 pm Link:
  12. April 1-2 Sherway Gardens MallApril 3-4 Yorkdale Shopping CenterMention that you are a current owner and receive a special driving seminar / safety systems demonstration. You will also receive a gift from smart.There will be BRABUS models available for you to try.Just look for the truck / trailer and driving course in the parking lotsHave fun !!
  13. I urge you to try out a BRABUS and experience the improved suspension and ride quality, it is quite different than a pure or passion. Toronto test drive dates are pending as well. I will let you know when the details are sorted out.
  14. Just a heads up that there are going to be two smart test drive events coming up soon in Calgary and Vancouver. If you are a current owner, you will receive a loyalty gift as well as a driving seminar which includes tips on maximizing fuel economy and safety systems demonstration from a professional instructor. The new 2009 BRABUS will be on site and available for you to drive. When and where:Calgary:Roundup Centre & Corral, Stampede Park1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1Event is located outside in the parking lot near the CasinoSaturday and Sunday, March 14-15, 200911am – 6pmWest Vancouver:Whole Foods parking lot925 Main StreetWest Vancouver, BC V7T 2Z3Wednesday & Thursday March 18-19, 200911am - 6pmJust look for the large smart trailer / tent and driving course, you won't miss it.