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  1. Correct that they are threaded in the expected way (lefty loosey, righty tighty). Confirmed at (might need to create a free log in).
  2. In half from front to back? Or in half from top to bottom?
  3. I use a mac, so I did the spreadsheet and exported as a PDF. The only other way - to keep it simple - is to upload that spreadsheet to Google Docs, let everyone have access and then link to it in this forum. Wiki might be a good idea to.
  4. changed my oil and filter, greased the universal joints in the steering column/rack, inspected all four ABS rings, checked front brake pads, readjusted windshield sprayers, cleaned and oiled my K&N air filter, cleaned my blow-off valve and had another look around to try to find a suitable catch can mounting area.
  5. Also, OP/blitz what kind of exhaust and cat did you use? Flexpipe? Pictures please!!
  6. Excellent points Bil, and as always, i love reading them I have experienced Paul's (BMS) 451 mount installed on a 451 as a passenger. I did not notice a single difference in vibration in takeoff versus the regular 451 mount. Turbo or non-turbo'ed 451 did not matter as well. That said, I imagine it could be different for the 450. I need a center mount (current one is original to the car and is perished) so I may "take one for the team" and buy the BMS mount in the coming weeks. Lots of vibration right now from the worn out mount. Not tooth-filling-removing vibration but certainly worse than the BMS part might introduce. Again, I'll have to wait and see. Also, BMS (Paul Barnes) makes the rear wheels wedge kits bilgladstone and I have installed on our smarts. Love those, thus my willingness to try his mount.
  7. I know its late, but wasn't there an iPod/phone holder that attached to the passenger-side of the a/c & heater fan control?
  8. Speedie: Thanks. I think you've helped rule out the in-tank fuel pump. FPR seems to be ok and I do have the 4.0bar Audi FPR if we need to replace the one the car came with. 42pilot: As I stated earlier, the battery is new (only a few months old) so there is no oxidation on the posts or the battery cables. I cleaned the inside of the cables before I installed the new battery. I did check the battery (first thing since I asked AAA to try to jump) and everything was ok. Thanks for your suggestion. My mechanic called and said that the fuse for the starter keeps blowing. I think this supports the posts about the alternator pulley locking up at the starter. Or it could just be a bad starter. I should know more in a few hours.
  9. Did an oil and plug change last night and the car started right up. Twice. This morning, the car started. It also started the second time I tried it. Now, I get in it to go from one of my offices to the other and now it will not start again. Same symptoms as previously listed. Found the 700cc fuse layout on evilution. Going to check all the relevant fuses. UPDATE: Just tried to start again and I hear an electrical whirr (like a starter) and a loud sucking or whoosing noise coming from the Fuel Pressure Regulator area. Could be the FPR or it could be the rail. A possible problem diagnosis is that the fuel filter might be clogged/due for a change (as far as I know its the original to the car/from the factory filter) or it could the FPR has perished. Are these correct thoughts?
  10. Yes it has Mike. Its great. Its a few months old (I bought it new) Optima Red Top.
  11. My 2005 G&K gasser recently started odd starting behavior culminating in today's refusal to start. A little history. A couple of months ago I noticed gas leaking onto the ground under my car. Turns out the hole G&K made to put a valve for their added evaporate system was leaking. My mechanics tried t o repair the leak but nothing seems to work. So we put a new seal on the valve, put it bck together and the car still runs great. However recently I had a little trouble starting. Nothing that turning the car off, waiting and restrying couldn't fix.Today, first start, the car started fine. I drove around, ran some errands. I stopped for lunch and after lunch the car would not start.When I turn the key to 1, I wait for the all of the instrument lights to go away and then I turn the key to 2. Well today the battery, oil and engine lights did not go away. And the car would not turn over. Battery tested fine but AAA Tried jumping, no dice. It does make that hum that I imagine is the fuel pump charging. I noticed my dome light is flashing at a steady pace. I tried removing the light and still the car would not start. I have my seat belt buzzer wires unplugged as well. While typing this out, I tried to star it again. It did the electrical whir/hum and then briefly make a noise like it was starting to turn over but then quit. The hum then went away and a second attempt to stawrt did not succeed. I turned the key to 0 and tried to start again. This time, no hum. Is it possible that it's the fuel pump or the alternator? Sounds like it may be the alternator?
  12. After running errands I came home to walk the dog then go run more errands. When I returned to the car I noticed a pool of liquid under the car. It smelled like gas. I saw the rear belly pan was soaked so I put the car on jack stands, dropped the belly pan and looked for a leak. Looks like it might be around where the filler neck joins the fuel tank. I really need a lift to properly diagnose where the leak is. I've buttoned up the belly pans, pushed the car out of the garage, cleaned up the fuel puddle and will take it to my mechanic tomorrow.
  13. 72570
  14. Finally replaced the battery in the Silver car with an Optima Redtop 34R. Easy install and everything is still working properly after the battery swap. Going for a long test drive tomorrow.
  15. I searched through the forums (using the advanced search) and found a few things about the seats but could not find anything about making the passenger seat recline. Is there a way to do it? I have read Evilution Seat Information and Evilution - How to Change the Seat Runners and came up with the thought that I could just buy a RHD driver's seat and use the current passenger seat's bracket. But then I would lose the ability to fold down the passenger seat. Anyone know if my idea would work? And how I might find a RHD seat?