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  1. Stock OEM brake are just fine by me, I have averaged 95,000km per fronts and the have not been touched. So I'm due for my next front brake job at 285,000km, and maybe rears. If your brakes are wearing quick then your braking to hard, learn to engine brake, down shift, and coast into your stops. Hard braking usually equates to poor FE, I read somewhere one that the best way to drive for FE is to imagine there is a egg taped to your both peddles, and you can't break them, so press softly on each. This also the best way to drive in adverse road conditions.My 2 cents.
  2. Calgary Parking Authority On Feb 12 2014 there is a 2005 in the auction, probably wont be many bidders for this item. Most likely does not have a key, so it would a parts car, or send the SAM to Flying Tiger and get keys made, either way it'll will go for a song. Minimum bid is $500, my bet there won't many bidders given the other junk being sold, and very unlikely looking for a 2005 SMART. Who really goes to these auction, scrap dealers and mechanics, I'll bet it could be had for $1000, and they deliver it to your door.
  3. If you had removed the actuator prior to getting the thee bars, then you had not put the actuator back in the correct position. These thing are quite touchy as to where they are positioned, a mm one way or the other and bingo you get the three bars. The removal or the actuator requires a "re-teach" of its position at your dealer. The install instructions can be found here;hl=actuator Hope this helps.
  4. I'm still wondering if there are any members in Alberta with a Star System that can correct my 5.0 countdown and F issue?Also as far as batteries, should I get the $135 MB battery and new $18 bracket form the dealership or are there better options battery wise?Also when changing a battery should I hook up a 12v source while the battery is out?Cheers
  5. I know I'm posting this in a older form posting, but I wondering if there is any new info on resetting the F back to C and returning the 5.0 countdown.The same thing has just happened to me, -19 didn't have the car plugged in, but I had only just drove to work 7 hrs earlier. A few tries and then a bunch of clicking, so I plugged it in and an hour later it started right up first go. But now I have NO 5.0 L countdown and degrees in F, not C.Called Lone Star MB dealership here in Calgary to price a new battery, figure its about time, as it came with the car 198,600 km ago.(198,600km and the only parts it's needed has been front brakes @ 105,000km and at 198,000km and front wheel bearings, 4 head light bulbs and one tail light bulb)Service rep quoted me $138 (1 hr labour) to diagnose the C to F and no 5.0 countdown, plus $135 for new battery, $70 labour to install battery, plus $18 for new battery clamp as the batteries had changed, for a total of $361 + gst @ 5% = $379.05I questioned the $138 (1 hr), he acted as if he has never seen this before and it would be major surgery, it a minimum of 1 hr if they have to plug in the STAR Sys.And the new clamp, its not my fault they changed the battery, should be included with the changed battery style.$135 for a new OEM battery sounds good and $70 to install I can accept, since I'll drink their nice coffee and the car will get a wash, but the rest robbery.Maybe I should get them to replace the battery then go back saying they messed up the 5.0 countdown and C to F, but my biggest concerns is them wiping out my cruise control TAN.Anyone know of a mechanic in Alberta with a STAR System that can right the wrong, and keep my CC working? PS I call Hyatt MB here and asked them about battery replacement and the conversation ended when he quoted $142 for the battery install labour, no this did not include the battery, we didn't get that far into the conversation before I told him his price to install a battery was was more then the cost of the battery and twice plus the quote from Lone Star, he had no response, so I said thank you, but no, and hung up.
  6. [still for the number of Smarts on the road, and that ther're "death traps" I'd say the facts speak for themselves.
  7. Re-located from Hamilton to Calgary a few months back.Hello to you too.
  8. I'm I mistaken, but is this the first fatality in a Smart in Canada?I had heard of two in the USA and both of those, seatbelts were not used.If I am incorrect what are the figures in Canada, and the US, for those that keep saying how unsafe these cars are. And is there any way of comparing it to other cars.
  9. My experience has been;Purchased in June 2009 from MB Downtown Toronto, with 24,500km, currently 195,500kmWorked in Mississauga, lived in Hamilton 130km round trip, this was also my only car.Lots of trips to Ottawa, and Southbend, IndianaNo major issues, front, brakes at 93,000km, and again at 195,000km, rears untouchedFront wheel bearings at 183,400kmI have logged every single litre of diesel, service, tire replacement, insurance, etc.My SMART has cost me $0.18 per km (all in).My FE is 4.08 LHK life time.My belief is if you drive it like is a Smart Car, not like its a race car it will serve you well.My worry is that there are no more CDI's coming into Canada anymore so any CDI you get now will be high KM or low KM and I don't know which one would be worse, as most people if have talked to that have had lots of issues also have lower km cars, and those that have less issues have high km, which to me says that these little buggers like to be driven regularly.I'm happy that my new job is only 6.5km from home, but I'm affraid that the car isn't going to like this.
  10. I would be surprized if this hasn't been posted before, but just in case. SACHS_Actuator_Installation.pdf
  11. I'll try and post the SACHS install for the actuator SACHS_Actuator_Installation.pdf
  12. [PM me and I will send you the SACHS install instructions for the actuator, this is as close as you can do without a "teach" but for most this more then close enough and a teach is not ness.
  13. As we are now living in Calgary SE, we would most likely up for that.
  14. 135 of course12+0=144
  15. I had one replaced in Hamilton at Apple Auto glass for $500 + 13% tax (using the old trim) and thought that was a good deal.But I just moved to Calgary and needed a new windshield to pass safety, this set me back $219.99 + New trim $100 + 5% tax =$334 (at 5 Star Auto Glass)Gawd I'm loving Calgary already and only been here just over a week.