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  1. All you have to do is insure and put a current sticker on the plate. No safety needed as it's already yoursBobb
  2. I could see us owning one as the second car. It's only 14 k to town and we would rarely need more than 80 k to do groceries, hit the bank etc. Obviously the other car would need to have range and space.
  3. Lack of interest from owners or no support from MB USA ?
  4. When I saw one in Italy, what surprised me was how WIDE it was. I swear it's as wide as it is long
  5. WE just bought an '08 Fit Sport for my wife. Handles well. All the acc we want and rated at 50 mpg highway. Has a very interesting seat configuration
  6. When I was young, long ago, Robert Bateman was the art teacher at my high school. This was of course before he got famous
  7. Holy cow ! Now you're an old guy like me <G>
  8. Did you guys get the bad storm ? Saw ++ lightning on the way home and we got a bit of rian. Other people around here talking about high winds and torrential rain
  9. ) William2) Ron & Dot3) Bobb, not smart in a toaster4) Derek & Andrea5) Alberta & Cliff (DR MAP)6) Sandra Clark (Baby Elsie)7) James8) Elaine & John9)Doug & Sharon in BigBen10)
  10. ...............A few days have been cloudy and cool [14-15 C] but overall it's been sunny and 20-25 C. Great weather for hiking around cities.Bobb
  11. Rome was FULL of smart cars. I don't think I'd be exaggerating to say 10 % of all cars. And lots of suicidal scooters.I know some of you are interested in the Fiat 500 which we had last year in France. We always get the cheapest car possible and were expecting a 2 door low end Punto.We got up graded to a quite nice Panda. Only 1.2 litre and 65 ish HP but good pickup. Runs 110-130 kph all day on the highway and gets about 50 mpg. They are everywhere and apparently are a big success. Ranked high in Top Gears reliability study [like 20th out of 150].Kind of a mini SUV and can be bought in 4 wheel drive. Even my wife liked it and said she would buy one [she doesn't like small cars]. Every time we get out of it I'm surprised how small it is as it feels big inside.CiaoBobb [high on expresso]
  12. ..............................Driven like a smart [shift at 3k, keep it above 2k] it is a little faster than the remapped smart. Drive it up to 4-4.5k and it's pretty lively for a toaster with a small engine. Variable Valve Timing.I would have considered the newer one if they had used the Corolla/Matrix 1.8 litre but no, they went with the Camry 2.4. Lots of pickup but barely 30 mpg.
  13. Yesterday my smart car went to its new owner, Mike, south of Sarnia.While I really enjoyed the car, it just wasn’t right for me. I DID put over 40k kilometers on it in just over a year. Mostly the lack of heat and air conditioning frustrated me but I also found long days [often 1000 miles in a day] hard on the body.I was also always worried something expensive was going to blow up [it never did]. I’m used to Japanese cars where as long as you keep changing the oil, you don’t even think about repairs until 200k.I bought a 2006 Scion xB. Not sold in Canada but a few were imported and this one looked new with only 48k kilometers.It’s almost twice the engine [1.5 litres] and twice the horsepower [103]. It’s twice the gas tank [45 litres] but only about half the mileage [low 40s with winter fuel].It’s twice as big inside [huge front and rear seating with not bad storage] but it only gets half the looks from other drivers. A Cube driver waved at me the other day [horror !].It doesn’t use diesel [every time I filled up my hands stunk ] but also starts easily without being plugged in.It’s comfortable [seats by Obisform] , quiet, and both the heater and air work really well.It’s mostly an Echo/Yaris underneath so parts are easy to get.I enjoyed both the online discussions and the face to face get togethers linked to smart cars and have never found such a friendly car group [the xb forums are mostly ricers].Best wishes and no blown turbos to all of you
  14. .......................I had an '06 Kia Rio 5 which is the same car with 4 doors and a hatchback. REliable, quiet and very good on gas. It required nothing in 4 years and 100k+.Only mistake I made was buying it without air. Air was only included with a $2500 packageBobb
  15. Sold as 1 bulk lot without needing delivery