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  1. Part number is A6601810012. Best sourced from dealer.
  2. Threads are fine metric M12x1.5. Lengths are 300mm and 260mm. Threaded length is about 50mm.
  3. Suggest you now grease that spade connector for protection against corrosion and bad contact.
  4. My left hand drive 450 failed the uk mandatory vehicle test because I had black tape on the headlights. Mercedes dealer parts manager gave me a set of warranty replaced uk style headlights that normally would have gone for scrap. I rebuilt my existing headlights using the reflectors from those donated by Mercedes. Always nice having a friendly and understanding dealer.
  5. I think is is not the clear lens but the reflector and the angle bulb is fitted in reflector. Swapping dipped beam reflectors is possible and not particularly difficult on a 450. I assume also possible on a 451. You could also check if you can turn dipped beam light bulb. I recall on some older BMW models that was all that was required to change their headlights from left hand drive to right hand drive and vice versa. Perhaps even special light bulbs are available that will do the conversion?
  6. Turn steering wheel to extend inner tie rod out of steering rack housing. You need a special tool to counterhold steering rack and another special tool to fit into and grip inner tie rod. Without proper counterhold both the pinion and rack may suffer damage.
  7. Can be done easily. Details in thread below. Since modifying rear and front bearings for grease injection more than a decade ago I have not replaced any wheel bearing on my Smart 450.
  8. You still need hydrochloric acid to turn black oxidized cables strands back to shining bright copper or the solder won't wet.
  9. Bore, cut threads with thread cutting taps and fit a steel nipple. You will need both a bore guide and tapping guide. Should be easy to do provided you are sufficiently smart and not too clumsy.
  10. Wrong if you attempt showing no 1 cylinder at TDC.
  11. What makes you think an engine from a 2010 Smart 451 will work in a 2006 Smart 450?
  12. I sold lots of them for less than £2 each last year. After my stock ran low, I started selling them for the restocking price. That is now £3.39 per ring. Postage cost has increased substantially after the Tories privatised Royal Mail. Airmail cost for two rings to Canada was £1.60. Now £5.70.
  13. Current price per ring is £3.39. The regrettable increase is caused by Brexshit.
  14. Access to the screws holding pump to engine is poor as hidden by engine subframe and some screws cannot even be seen by eye. Disconnecting right engine mount and lowering engine a wee bit solves this issue. You can then loosen the screws using socket and ratchet.
  15. Keep checking cooling water level and check for leaks from pump. Bearing noise will eventually become unbearable which I think will hasten replacement. Bearings tend to last for a considerable time after they have become unbearably noisy.