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  1. I have a shorter one. It works well in the Cabrio when the roof is down. It's a little too high when the roof is up, but that is what the original stalk is for It's an easy swap from one to the other.
  2. Reach for the moon...even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars.
  3. About three weeks ago, I had an "A" service done on the Cab. As always, the service was done with quality and care, in a timely fashion and yet another satisfied customer leaves the Uncle Glenn shop.
  4. Thanks. All maintenance has been done by "Uncle Glenn" in London. There has been no rust prevention sprays and no fuel additives, just normal diesel from whatever stations I happen to be near when fuel is needed. An alternator (my fault for letting it sitting too long), a battery and a turbo.
  5. My 2005 Pulse is my winter-beater and at 218,xxx kms. on it, it still starts and runs quite well. The '06 Cabrio is a warm weather car so I can make full use of the convertible top.
  6. The "No Slam" module which included the "express" up or down was useful because it would lower the window 2 - 3 cm. when the door is opened which allows the person closing the door to do so without the need to slam the door. Once closed, the window automatically went back to "full up" position. I have them on my coupe and they work just fine. The "one touch" or "express", if you will, is just a bonus. Just tap the button and it goes all the way up (or down) without the need to hold the button.
  7. 1 - The 2005 smarts imported into Canada didn't come with a block, battery or oil pan heater. My '05 has a small oil pan heater installed. All the wiring is already there with the plug at the front which ends in the battery cavity under the carpeting in the passenger foot well in the form of a female plug. From there, a power line can be routed back to the oil pan heater. 2 - I would suspect glow plugs. Even in minus 25C temps with no oil pan heat, mine starts just fine by turning the key on, waiting for the glow plug light to go out then starting the car. 3 - I have a spare. I have sent a PM if you are interested in the adaptor cord.. 4 - My original plug pins rotted from the salt. I changed the front plug and left the remaining wire intact. I also have a spare replacement plug which accepts a standard three-prong plug. I have both the oil pan heater and a small ceramic cabin heater hooked up to the single plug at the front of the car.
  8. "Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace" ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie
  9. Welcome to the "Too Much Stuff" club
  10. I still have my 1961 metal plaque from the Canadian winter Rally and my 1956 East York Small Car Club (EYSCC) plaque. See photo. Other than my wife, the oldest thing I've kept is my 1954 Velo Solex
  11. "Be the person your dog thinks you are."
  12. As Willys mentioned, it's usually just the rears. It doesn't take much of a crack. Just a hair-line crack could cause issues.
  13. The three bars can also be caused by a cracked reluctor ring
  14. The president is computer-incompatible, but our "webmaster" should be able to answer this.
  15. The question was asked, I answered. There was a "flood" of posts to do with the Covid thing.