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  1. I get the warning lights about ABS etc. about 25% of the time when I start it. It's been doing that for about two years, less lately actually. I'm more concerned about it rolling back as my driveway is at quite an incline and much of the employee parking at my work is too.
  2. I know that when the car is put in reverse and turned off, the rear wheels will lock. How is this acomplished? Does it involve the "reluctor rings" on the rear axles? I've been having issues lately where the car will roll back, but only a foot or two, especially when I'm getting into it. I've had issues for the last two years where the warning lights for the brakes, ABS, and traction control come on and stay on, and the hill assist doesn't work. This happens about a quarter of the time. I've been told that this is because of those rings too.The rings are still there but a few of the teeth are missing chunks, likely from this slippage. My concern is that the car may roll back when I get out, or when it has been sitting for a while, and not stop. :-(
  3. I guess the replacement thermostats run hotter than the originals. I just hope the extra heat doesn't damage the engine or anything else. It doesn't appear too severe.
  4. What should be the normal operating temperature for the 2005 CDI engine? After Victoria Star did work, including replacing the thermostat, it has been 88-92 C but before (if I remember correctly) it was just over 80, like 82-84. Driving at higher speeds (110+), going up long grades, and having the AC on tends to increase it, but that is logical.
  5. I've had the cheaper one for about two years. It is VERY useful! I've only had two problems with it: It won't work when the car is parked in the sun on hot days, and I found it impossible to calibrate it so it will give the distance to empty. Either it was way over or way under, so I don't use that function any more. I have it set to show MAP, water temperature, alternator voltage, and something I can't remember now. :-)This reminds me of something. What should the normal operating temperature be? Since MB replaced the water pump and thermostat it has been 88-92 but it seems as if it was just over 80 before.
  6. I've seen a number of posts here concerning using vegetable oil as fuel but the ones I've found today are all about running it exclusively and necessary conversions to do so.I'm wondering if I could add 2-4 liters at every 2-4 fill ups without any problem. Not only could I save a few $$$ but it would help me dispose of old oil from my deep fryer. I did see a post suggesting this might help seal leaks in the high pressure pump and fuel system.My main ? is how would I do it? Just pour it in with a funnel? I would imagine that I would need to at least filter it somehow.
  7. My previous message was so good I sent it twice! :-P Actually, both times I got the same error message after pressing the first blank button the first time and the second the next time.
  8. I could see messages but I'm not sure if my reply went or not. I had to guess at which blank button to use. I figure there is some maintenance going on.
  9. I could see messages but I'm not sure if my reply went or not. I had to guess at which blank button to use. I figure there is some maintenance going on.
  10. Would it be possible to buy any muffler and cat which would physically fit into the space and install them?
  11. Can any exhaust shop really replace with an aftermarket part for under $200?? Mine is split wide open. I got a battery at Costco for $65. I haven't installed it yet but it looks as if it will fit.
  12. I put that picture on Facebook and a pal said it had an evil grin!
  13. To those who might be wondering what happened, Victoria Star told me the thermostat stuck shut because the water pump was leaking. That was why I needed to add coolant. The problem was they were going to need to order the thermostat and it wouldn't be in until Monday, so I needed another rental car until Tuesday morning. When I was in on Tuesday waiting for it, they said that the bolts were seized and it wouldn't be ready on time so they let me have a C-300 for free overnight. When I got the car back the bill was $900 including tax.I was wondering how Uncle Glenn (and I) didn't notice the leak and the SA told me that the engine has to be running when it's on the hoist to notice. I told him I had been taking it to "an enthusiast" and he didn't seem to care. Except for charging me BIG $$$ they treated me quite well. I didn't even have to put gas in the C-300. I told them I didn't know what to put in.I also got a ride from Hertz in Cambridge to Victoria Star. The girl said no one would come in and she would be bored so she drove me in the car I had just returned. That was good because it was raining quite hard and it would have taken almost an hour and a half to get there by GRT, including over twenty minutes of walking.I found the two cars I rented, a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Fusion, more difficult to drive in the winter. Because they were heavier they slid more when I went to stop.
  14. Doesn't it look so forlorn?
  15. I got a battery at Costco for $65. It isn't exact replacement but it looks like it will fit. I'll try it when it isn't so damned cold. The car will start but only after 3-4 tries.If you are DIYing it make sure you have the code for the stereo and/or connect the battery cables to a power pack before removing the battery.Are there aftermarket mufflers/cats for this car?? Mine is split wide open and it's on its way to Mercedes for an overheating issue. I'm sure they will want to replace that as well.I was told my turbo needed replacing 18 months / 50,000 km ago. I haven't had any issues with it yet except for minor oil leaking.