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  1. Hi Shakey,I dropped the car off in the morning, the car was washed and ready to go by mid afternoon, all under warranty. Chuck
  2. I had the exact issue in August 2009 with my 2008 Passion. The dealer replaced the clutch plate assembly, and so far no re-occurrences.Chuck
  3. If Club smart Car does not have their own entry in the parade and you would still like to participate, I'm sure I could squeeze in an additional Smart or two with my own 2 Smarts. Requirements to blend into my group: Festivity decorated Smart Car, driven by a Clown. (I will help with a red nose a hat if needed). Set up is at: 10:30 AM, King and Mary Streets, NoTL, Saturday Dec. 12th, 2009 Regards,Chuck (Chuckles-the-Clown)