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  1. Looks like has them ( :Bosch Front Wiper Blade - Framed, OE replacementPART#:BS40721MFR#:40721 Zoom BOSCH MICRO EDGE FRAMED WIPER BLADE, NATURAL RUBBER WITH GRAPHITE, BLACK, SOLD INDIVIDUALLY -- 21 in. length; Made from precision-cut, specially blended and graphite-treated natural rubber to reduce blade chattering; Features fully-enclosed metal tension spring that provides more direct pressure to wiping edge to reduce streaking; Aerodynamic all-steel frame construction to help fight blade lift-off at highway speeds; Exclusive zinc dichromate primer offers superior corrosion resistance; Exclusive Quiet-Glide micro-finish wiping edge for smoother and quieter operation; Uses DirectConnect one-step installation system with no adapters required for most vehicles; With 1-year Bosch limited warranty. ■Location: Front■Type: Framed, OE replacement■Color: Black■Quantity Sold: Sold individually■Warranty: 1-year Bosch limited warranty List Price: $27.67 Our Price: $14.77 You Save: $12.90
  2. Thanks very much for the info. I'll keep my eyes open for a stowable blanket (good idea!) and for when the heaters are on sale. (I wonder if I could swallow my pride and drive wearing a Snuggly. The pointing and laughing gets a little much here sometimes.)Go Als!
  3. I highly recommend you consider a Connect and Forget from Brian Pinnell. He'll probably add his contact info (Windsor) later but at $85 all in, you can't go wrong. The MB dealerships in Edmonton wanted between $190-$250.Stay warm (well, kinda warm), in your smart and enjoy!
  4. I have seen comments elsewhere on this site supporting the Canadian Tire in-car heater that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I was looking into getting one however read a complaint on the CT site that the in-car heater has the wrong voltage and burns out the fuses in the cars. Can anyone confirm that the Canadian Tire in-car heater is a good buy?
  5. The Power Service Fuel Additive winter formula made all the difference in the world. I found the jug at Wally World (Clareview, Edmonton) for about $15 but the 100 litre dispensing formulas were a laugh. 2 tablespoons did the trick in this miserable -35 weather. I knew those measuring spoons were good for something!
  6. Ordered a Connect and Forget from here yesterday after MB told me it would cost $187. It can't arrive soon enough since it's supposed to be -26 here in Edmonton tonight. Is anybody able to let me know the delivery wait time?So glad to have found this posting!
  7. My two British Shorthairs are brothers: Michael and Toby. Unfortunately I don't have pictures because I'm kept too busy shaking my fist at them. Their names regularly get changed to Sir Barf and Sir Barf-alot, or to Useless and Even More Useless, depending on their day to day physiology and singing ability beneath my bedroom window. Sigh.
  8. I thought I was the only one who wondered about the Big-Ass Truck bullying of the smart cars. I haven't been able to find research on the topic but believe it must exist as a phenomenon. "You're bigger than me on the road. Congratulations, Zero."Seriously, is there any hope for the intimidation?
  9. As someone who regularly suffers -20 to -40 C through an Albertan winter, I'm am genuinely concerned about interior heat. I've only had my 2006 since the beginning of March so haven't felt the brunt of winter but have quickly realized the interior heat is going to be a big concern. I was hoping there would be a quick fix like plugging an interior heater into the lighter. Can anyone recommend a good one?And to Tolsen, there'll be one Dons' fan and one Canuck back in Aberdeen next week. Here's hoping for good weather for the game on Wednesday!
  10. Too bad, Alicat2575. The Edmonton smarts are a pretty nice bunch. Please keep your eyes open for the next one. Most of all, enjoy your new smart and don't even bother wiping that silly little grin off your face. Many of us sport the same look on any given day.Cheers!
  11. So sorry for your loss. Take care. Sandy
  12. I'm in too. I'll probably be there early for supper at about 6 pm.
  13. The wheels looked good but the owner agreed that winter tires are best put on steels. I'm sitting at Trail Tire right now waiting for the tire change. They're going to price some steels for me but I think I'll hold off til the Fall since I'm headed to Scotland in May and might need the extra $ for pub crawling. A Tuesday or Thursday at 170 street BP sounds good. Thanks again for a good day out. It motivated me to shine the car up and she looks like an ace.Sandy
  14. It was a good day to get some of the Edmontonian smarts together. Hopefully we'll have more out at the next one but I think we're committed to getting together once a month or so. Thanks, guys. As a new smart owner, I learned a ton of information from you.Pictures to follow once I figure out how to cut down the file size.
  15. I'm looking for suggestions of what I might do or use to buff or wax what looks like small dog claw marks on the the driver's inside door panel. They're not easily noticeable but now that I've discovered them, they really bug me.