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  1. Finally bought the fuel pump from MB Calgary. It wasn't too difficult to change. took longer to drain the tank than change the pump! tricky to connect the line that is within the tank to the pump through the hole in the top of the tank. ended up using some thin wire to hold up the tube while lowering in the pump. 1000kms since and no loss of power etc. happy!!
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, if I have the misfire, if I turn off for 3 minutes, then the start, it usually runs fine again at all throttle loads. Strange.
  3. Hi, I have a 2008 gas 451 with 134k on the clock. Get an intermittent misfire under moderate or heavy acceleration up hills so I have to drive on light throttle at low speed to get it home. Usually no engine light comes on, but once or twice the 2177 code came on (read with a code reader). I've changed plugs and use 91 shell gas. I read that there's maybe a list of possible faults ( fuel pump/ injectors/ coils/ to name a few). im thinking of replacing one item at a time starting with the inexpensive ones like the map. Id love some guidance or has anyone had similar problems? Thanks! Mark.
  4. Its a 2009 cabrio
  5. Hi all I'm thinking about fitting the smart ski rack to my fortwo which I'm looking forward to collecting this week. Any reviews or advice on the smart one? Are there any other ones available?Thanks!Mark
  6. Hi everyone! I have been in Calgary for 2-3 years and have been missing my 2005 roadster that I had in Scotland, so have just bought a nice 2009 fortwo cabrio - collect it in a few days - can't wait. It's not quite as grippy as my old roadster but has that cheeky personality that I loved in the roady and it's easier to get out of!I've posted a discussion on winter tires as I have to buy some I think for the winters here- minus 30 c and snow. I think I'll look at the ski rack too so have posted a discussion on that too. Anyway, thought I would say hi.MarkPs any smart clubs or meets in Alberta?
  7. Hi all, collecting my 2009 fortwo cabrio this week! Have been in Canada for 3 years and miss my 2005 Roadster in the UK.I want some winter tires for Albertan weather. Any reviews/ recommendations for tires, rims and suppliers?
  8. I'm living near Calgary and thinking of buying a fortwo.Phoned the 2 Calgary MB dealers for their costs - couldn't believe how high they are!!Hyatt - A = $300 - $325, B = "up to $399" Lone Star - A = $380 - $400 , B = $480. Ouch!Anyone know how much any independents charge in Calgary?Mark.