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  1. No idea Mike .. i didn't ask .. maybe is the warranty
  2. Hi Kira .. Welcome !!
  3. My 2010 headlights is burn out a month ago and i take to TPM (Victoria Smart Dealer ) for replaced , i wait for 30 minutes and the manager told me everything already done and being replaced including the wiring so the bulb not gonna burn out fast in the future .. and they don't charge (free) for everything.
  4. All smart fortwo car at (smart fortwo website for German) already all the smart fortwo facelift
  5. Beautiful day in Victoria today .. wash my baby and waxing it .. he is super clean now
  6. Merry Christmas to All !!!
  7. I just got one from CT last week for my GMC Terrain, perhaps I will never use it .. Need it that cause I'm on the road now from Ottawa - Victoria .. So just in case I need it in rocky mountain .. I take practice to install on my garage and is so easy.
  8. Done this on September this year (Victoria - Ottawa) with our 2011 GMC Terrain, it takes almost 7 days cause we stop a lot , and we will do it again (Ottawa - Victoria) on this coming Thursday December 22 in GMC Terrain again .. So excited and a little bit worried .. Perhaps not much snow will be falling ..
  9. Nice smart !!! Congrats ... and Welcome
  10. Thanks for the solution Alexi'm definitely will try that.cheers
  11. Hello Smart owners ,I've been moving to Ottawa for a couple of months already and my baby (Smart) stay in Victoria/BC (inside the garage).i know for Smart Diesel i should unplug the battery, but since mine is not a Diesel , did i should do the same thing ?so far i've been back to Victoria every 4 weeks and it seems fine with my Smart. i just afraid next time when i'm back to Victoria my Smart totally die Cheers.
  12. Just get back from TPM yesterday for my 1st A service,and it cost me for only $175
  13. 3 Smart Car in the parking lot Walmart Up Town (Victoria ) sorry no VIN.the red one is mine ...
  14. Got email today from TPM about Smart Car Customer Appreciation Event on Sunday November 28th from 11 am - 5pm.I'll be there !!!