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  1. I'm booked for first service oct. 29 at a cost ~1500 SEK / ~130 € / ~120 USD That's the same amont of money I spend per month to feed myself :-( So november '19 I have to live of love, fresh air and water ...
  2. Your prayars are heard, picture-google "electric smart roadster", there's a couple conversions made i Europe. Good Luck, KfL :-)
  3. So I connected the plug cable to pin 18 = Changer input (-) pin 19 = Changer input left (+) pin 20 = Changer input right (+) What do I do next to make it work ? There are more pins. pin 13 = Changer signal pin 14 = N/C pin 15 = Negative supply pin 16 = Permanent 12 V + pin 17 = Switched 12 V + (rem) Thankful for good advices "The Bumperman" (he, with "Cowcatchers" on his smart)
  4. Coffee without cream is like love without kisses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l_H0IqakW4
  5. At last ! - My '02 Coupe has paddle shifters. Long time ago I bought spare part # 001 3060 V001, a electronic device marked smart BRABUS and a pair of 451 paddles from ebay.de. On the old twospook steering wheel I made some modifications and attached the paddles, changed the resistors and soldered the cables together. VOILA ! It works like a charm. Monday 31 mars was the first proudly trayout. Yours truly, KfL :-)
  6. Today there were a few sun glimpses between the rain showers so I took the Triplets out for a fotosession ... Yours KfL (the notorious almost totally unhumble)
  7. Today there were a few sun glimpses between the rain showers so I took the Triplets out for a fotosession ... Yours KfL (the notorious almost totally unhumble)
  8. A great guy, funny, inspiring and with lots of good ideas. He left us too early, but in good memories he stays. Rest in peace Bil Gladstone
  9. It's not rocket science, BUT ALWAYS - SAFETY FIRST ! Hi Bil, I've been thinking ... ! (belive it or not) In Europe there is/were smart babyseat to buy for m/450, it also had a electric connection to the babyseat for disabeling airbag/s. The babyseat was for "nose forward only". Thinking "outofthebox" might lead to an application for Your purpous ... - Can a resistor fool the system that the passenger seat is in it's place ... ? or http://www.smart-forum.de/modules.php?op=m...50&forum=24 or http://www.jhwus.info/page2/page41/page365/page365.html Yours truly, KfL (still very unhumble)
  10. Wazz Up ?
  11. Wazz Up ?
  12. Wazz Up ?
  13. Wazz Up ?
  14. He's one of Jerry Seinfeld's brothers, that's what I've heard ...
  15. Two ways I use my trailer ...
  16. ... at a nailfactory nearbye where i live ...
  17. Cowcatchers is a MUSTHAVE !
  18. God Jul Gott Nytt År Glada Heliga Tre Konungar ... are my wishes to ALL of You, from Corralejo, Fuerteventura (#2 of 7 Canary Islands) Yours unforbetterly, but happy smart car lover KfL
  19. We will NOT wait Tell us NOW ! My secret contact told me you've bought a whole bunch of fuel line magnets ... - Please confirm immedately KfL, (the almost totally ...)
  20. Got to be a skin of Lynx Lynx then ... Over and Out ------------->
  21. Backside of radio, chamber "C" http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php?id=522 Yours KfL
  22. 1. What about "To be installed....one new Webasto coolant heater" ? 2. What kind of "a cartridge heater to fit in the oem location" ? 3. MB never made a heater, but DEFA did in 2003 I think Yours KfL
  23. Guess my favourite is obvious - now it's up to You ...
  24. Lovely piece of art it is but, 58 tSEK ... anyhow, why does this color combo make it look stronger and bigger than opposit combo (black panels on silver tridion) ? Good "hunting" for next smart 450 CDI Yours, KfL (The almost totally unhumble)
  25. Why not try this ? http://www.evilution.co.uk/423 and http://www.evilution.co.uk/424 Good Luck with DIY KfL