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  1. Thanks guys. Solved - and enjoyed the northern chat!
  2. Thanks. Was actually looking to find out where the other end of wiring attaches to block heater.
  3. Have a 2006 diesel bought new but never spent a pre-covid winter in the north. Came with the block heater cord so assuming it has a block heater? How does cord connect to block heater?
  4. Guess we should have read more carefully - missed the asterisk limiting the items on the list that had 8 year/130,000 km. Turns out the intercooler has 2 year/40,000 km. And we've done our own servicing after the 4 year point. Still, it does seem a bit harsh, since the intercooler housing problem was a known issue that they never mentioned - the kind of thing other companies do recalls on.
  5. First noticed that the fan wasn't running. It appears to be the often reported intercooler oil leak. It's a 2006 with 100,000 km. The warranty booklet says that the charge air cooler is covered for 8 years or 130,000 km. Doesn't this mean that it should be fixed under warranty? Dealership just left us a message saying that they'd run the number through and it's not covered.
  6. Excellent news. It's due in at the dealership for its checkup this week.
  7. That's right - the sliding glass. Nice to know someone agrees that it shouldn't make a lot of noise.
  8. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. Tried searching and didn't find it. There is a whistling air noise from our sunroof when we're travelling at highway speeds. The dealership has said they don't notice it - but they don't travel at highway speeds in it. Anyone else with the same problem? Is ours defective or is that just the way they all are?
  9. Thanks Mike et al. The four hour quote was after painting. Painted fender about $400. So DIY it is.
  10. Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find it in the search. We have to replace the right fender (encounter with dog - dog OK). The quote for labour on the fender exchange is four hours, which sounds like a lot. Is this something my husband can do himself or are there hidden difficulties?
  11. Great to meet up with the relay in Dryden! Good luck on the rest of the trip.
  12. Saw #85 at the Winnipeg dealership last week. Vin 268728. It's a coupe.
  13. We have 135/200. Picked it up in Thunder Bay on May 13 and brought it back to Sioux Lookout (northern Ontario). Vin #269526.