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  1. Hello, Bill,


    Are you still making trailer hitches for the 2006 450 Smart?  If so, how much do they cost to make and ship to Ontario?  I would like one to carry my bicycles to different locations.


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    2. JohnOneVerseOneThroughFour


      Thanks, LooseLugNuts.  Sorry.



    3. tolsen


      Bil is in Smart heaven. Must be coming up to five years now when he sadly and unexpectedly passed away end of June 2013.  

    4. Coast Steve

      Coast Steve

      Yes, I still miss Bil, and do still think of him from time to time.  He was such a nice guy, He stayed over at my place one night as he was traveling though BC meeting some of this clubs members. Very helpful guy.  And not afraid to invent different Smart related ideas. And a big loss for Club Smart Car when day he passed away.  

  2. PM sent. Thanks for the positive reviews, guys.Bil
  3. There is a Facebook group for arranging meetings on Vancouver Island. A special-use FB group like that might be handy now and again. But I'm not sure I approve of using our group name, Club Smart Car, since we have spent many years developing a solid reputation for this group. I feel our hard-earned social capital could be diminished by encouraging a brand-new newcomer of unknown repute to use our name thus. The phrase "paying your dues" applies, in my mind.Is Azriel Strife your real name, or is Dale Broeckx your real name, or is it something else?I don't mean to disrespect you. And your enthusiasm is admirable. I just don't see you -- yet -- as qualified to represent or in any way front for our group at this point. Just my own quite personal thoughts. Others may feel differently. Bil
  4. Like other UK parts shops, the best (maybe the only) way to get them to answer your questions is to telephone and speak to them in person.Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question.Bil
  5. Like this: LINKY Fits 450 or 451. My Blue Knight biker friends are selling the smartbarn they bought from me last year. They used it under their carport, primarily to conceal from prying eyes, their two Harley dressers. It is now redundant to their needs. New, this wide model costs $450. I used it two winters for my smart car, and when I moved to my new cottage, the landlord forbade me to use it in the parking lot, so Dann and Sue bought it for their touring bikes. I don't know what these guys want for it - I told Dann I would post a notice in this club forum. PM me and I will forward him your contact info so you can negotiate directly with them. Bil
  6. Yikes! So what would cause this? Prolonged high EGT cooks (cokes) the oil in the turbo's fine lube and cooling channels, or.......? I haven't heard of this before. :scratch:Bil
  7. Same thing here, when I get in my eight year old Pulse ... the smile-factor just doesn't get old!Bil
  8. One of the exhausts I built was just an aftermarket diesel cat' followed by straight pipe. It was too loud for my neighbourhood and Kelowna's new noise laws. Now I have my "Anaconda" exhaust, which has a straight-through mini-cat', followed by a length of spiral pipe. What is spiral pipe? A straight pipe with a spiral insert. I've been thinking of building one or two for resale, but first things first. Bil
  9. If no one in here has some on offer for you, there are new 451 steel rims @ $65-70 each here: LINKY Also check prices at your nearest MB-smart dealership -- sometimes, on some things, the dealer is reasonably priced. Bil
  10. Glad to have you aboard, cousin!Bil
  11. Seriously?? Here's the distribution of about 70% of all diesel Smart cars in Canada as of April 2012. One or two of these areas experience winter = snow.589 Victoria BC398 Vancouver BC392 Calgary AB349 Toronto ON290 Edmonton AB249 Montréal QC195 Ottawa ON158 Nanaimo BC113 Richmond BC110 North / West Vancouver BC108 London ON108 Mississauga ON96 Hamilton ON89 Kitchener ON84 Kelowna BC82 Duncan BC71 Québec QC66 Kamloops BC65 Surrey BC63 Laval QC59 Burlington ON56 St Catharines ON52 Saskatoon SK46 Longueuil QC43 Oakville ON40 Etobicoke ON39 Burnaby BC39 Trois-Rivières QC38 Regina SK37 Halifax NS37 Markham ON35 Roxboro QC32 Barrie ON32 Lethbridge AB30 Windsor ONHTH,Bil
  12. Hi Angie Your problem sounds like you have a boost leak -- an air hose or fitting somewhere between the turbo and the engine intake manifold. Leaky intercooler LINKY scroll to the bottom to see how the plastic air channel wears holes in the intercooler Service wastegate LINKY scroll down to see where to lubricate the wastegate poppet lever Cracked or plugged turbo actuator tube LINKY scroll down to see the small rubber tube in the diesel turbo picture There is also a spot on the top of the intake manifold rubber hose, where another hose crosses overtop and can chafe a hole. And check to be sure all the air hose clamps are tight. I reckon it's one of the above. If you follow the Vancouver Island sub-forum, there are often get-togethers where you can meet other Island smarties and discuss such things. LINKY HTH, Bil
  13. Well done, sir!
  14. So just a small outline on the left breast? How much would these cost?Bil
  15. Luggage capacity of the 451 if filled to the roof = 340 litres, according to info at thesmart.caBil