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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a set of all season or summer tires with rims for a 2016 Smart. Front 165/65 R15 Rear 185/65 R15 I haven't been on here for about 15 years.just got a 2016 Smart but it came with winter tires. Also had some questions about a few things like what is this in the pic. It's not in the operators manual. It's in my front windshield. Got alot of glare, sorry.
  2. Hello I just bought a 2008 smart fortwo. Wondering if anyone knows where I could buy studdable winter tires for it as there has only been one winter tire option available so far and its unstuddable Tires 155/60 R15 and 175/55 R15 Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone. Sorry to say my 2006 is no more. I still have the winter steel wheels and tires that I am looking to sell. Rear ones have only seen one season last year. Front ones are originals. They come with Smart covers all around for storage. Taking offers. PM me if you are interested. 604-340-5014 C
  4. G'day, Does anyone know if pairing 165/60 rear tires against the OE 155/60 front will cause undesired ESP/ABS intervention? Last season's Hakkapeliitta R2 fronts are in great shape, but the mystery brand rears are done and Nokian does not provide a the OE 175/55 rear tire. 165/60 rear should turn approximately 12 revolutions per km less than the fronts, which is double that of the OE 175/55 rear. Whether or not that will trip the nanny system, I have no idea. Hopefully someone out there has tried this combination and has some feedback to share.
  5. Please first let me apologize for not know for sure where this belongs. If anyone can move it or tell me where to repost it I'll gladly do so. I just had the summer tires and rims stolen from my yard and I strongly suspect it was a to-order job The tires were contis mounted on passion alloy rims with Ride-on TPS fluid in them, an orange slime looking material. No tire shop will touch them because of the fluid, and only smart cars can use those rims. So either the theives are very very stupid or they were going after me because they knew I had a smart car and they had an order for tires. I am in Saskatoon. The car these are destined for could be anywhere from davidson to prince albert. So while they're rare here, especailly the 450 models, it's still a huge market if it's to order parts! If you know of anything I can share with the police please PM me. I'll be keeping this open in a browser window for the next couple of weeks. Thank you. It's a terribly insecure feeling to know someone's got their sights on your baby.
  6. A full set of winter tires with rim (brought from dealer) for SmartFortwo car (mine was 2014 model), used for two winters only; good condition. 155/60 R15
  7. Looking for a set of used steel rims (or alloys for the right price) for a Gen2 gasser; with or without winter rubber on them.
  8. I have sold my 2006 smart cabriolet. The following items are left over and now are for sale. Open the pdf file for pricing details. Contact off forum mckinneyjaATgmailDOTcom. Full set of Metallic River Silver body panels. Back tires on roadster offset rims. Front tires on roadster rims. Spare tire on Passion Aluminum rims. Fifteen in wheel covers and hub caps. Spare tire mount. Cup holder. Block heater cable. Axle covers. EGR bypass pipe c/w silicon connectors. Traction control disabler. Winter floor mats. Trunk cover. smart_items_4_sale.pdf
  9. Why does smart not use the ABS sensors to figure out if a tire inflation problem exists? We had a situation with our Mazda CX-5 where one tire was at 28 psi and the others were at 32 psi. The soft tire was down by 12.5%. The TPM system signaled an alert, avoiding what eventually could have led to a blowout, since a slow leak was found when the tire was examined. I did an Internet search on TPMS, and found a Mazda CX-5 forum with the following post(s). My Fusion is an 07, a year before they were mandated for all NA cars to have them. My wife's car, sister's car, and any number of other friends, associates, co-workers, etc who have the in-wheel sensors have all had issues with them. Ranging from constant false alerts that the tire pressure(s) was low, to one that leaked or eventually failed. Then there's the issue of people that want to run multiple sets of wheels, whether its just winter/summer or show/snow... its inconvenient and expensive. The ABS systems work just as well, and calculate wheel rotation based on a known outer diameter of the tire at a specific pressure -/+ a value. Its probably not as accurate/ but it doesn't need to be... its just an indication that you should check your tire pressure. You should be doing it periodically anyway, but can alert you to a potential problem. All modern cars have ABS and computers to interpret the information about wheel rotation. It seems strange that so many manufacturers continue to use the expensive and inconvenient individual tire pressure sensor approach.
  10. I have a set of barely used ContiWinterContact tires, approx 500km on them before my Turbo died last winter. Mounted on an old set of Smart Fortwo winter rims. TS760 front tires are 145/65R15 (see Canadian Tire link below) TS800 rear tires are 175/55R15 (see link below) I'm asking $250 and live in the Ottawa area near Winchester, ON. Thanks!
  11. hi folks !! I just purchased a 2016 prime with sport package. it possible to convert the rear drum brakes to disc? it possible to convert the single exhaust to the center dual exhaust as seen in the brabus website? 3.the front tires are 185 and the rear tires are 205...can the front tires also be 205 for improved traction and lateral stability? 4.can these modifications be accomplished by the smart dealer or brabus? thank you for your help
  12. I am selling the following trailer hitch for a 2008-2015 smart for two Brand new $150.00 2014 smart performance exhaust $350.00 2008-2016 smart KNN intake with carbon fibre side scoop $150.00 2008-2015 Front wheel spacers, adds 1inch to either side for stability $100.00 2008-20015 Rear luggage trunk cover ( factory) $175.00 2006 rear luggage trunk cover $50.00 Front push bar for any year smart CHROME $100.00 set of 4 Winter tires blizzak, never installed $600.00
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a complete set of rims mounted with winter tires. The vehicle is a 2005 Smart ForTwo cdi. Canadians: We're located in Rochester, NY USA. It's 3 hours from Toronto. We'd be willing to meet near the border or we could potentially drive into Ontario to get the wheels. Please drop me an email or send a PM if you have a set! Many thanks! Steve