Replace Injectors

By smart142 in How-To: 450 Model, 2005-2006, diesel,
My neighbour has had her smart for over 3 years and 85,000kms. In December she had a check engine light come on.I used a scan gauge to record the number.It was a PO303- injector #3 misfire. I cleared the code and then added some injector cleaner and everything was OK.Up till yesterday that is. The check engine light came back and it was the same code. But this time the engine was running rougher. Luckily I had 3 used injectors so I tackled the job. 1. there is a return line that needs to be removed that is on the end of the injectors. Held on by a small clip that is pulled off, see 1st picture 2. the return line can now be pulled from the injector and pushed to the side, see picture 2 3. the electrical connection is a simple push and pull type for removal 4. a 14mm open wrench is needed to loosen and remove the fuel line from the common rail 5. a T40 is needed to remove the large screw that holds the claw clamp to the injector, see picture 3 6. after the claw clamp is removed the injector itself can be removed by twisting it back and forth and pulling. They advise not to use tools of any kind to remove the injectors. 7. a small amount of grease is placed on the replacement injector. 8. a new copper seal washer is placed on the tip end. 9. injector reinserted, claw clamp attached, and then seated with 7nm of torque + 180 degree turn. Fuel line attached and then the return line with the clips. Engine can now be started and the lines, injector checked for leaks. I spent about 2 hours doing the job. Lots of pre cleaning, carefull dissasembly and taking pictures. I was lucky that the used injector I obtained was very clean and is functioning perfectly
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