Getting rid of my SMART car, so, what would you buy instead ?

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16 hours ago, Willys said:

I have 2 Smarts now, I do not plan on getting rid of any for the forseeable future......once you have it dealt with mechanically I see no reason why you would need to change it out.....yes that means you need to stay on top of everything like a hawk, but what else is there to do...lol..?

Real Life can take a back seat, lol


Aye, but they're easy to work on, and a wise man keeps on top of these things anyway.

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I sold my green on green cabrio in 2012. I loved how outrageous it was. I have never been a muscle car person. We test drove many brands of cars. Almost bought a yellow convertible, but for shits and giggles test drove a new yellow Camaro. It had the V6 so was only 330 hp and had the 6 speed manual tranny. Same unit Toyota uses in its RWD cars. Like silk to shift. Long story short, bought it. Had the car for 9 years now. I have winter wheels with performance snow tires. Fun car to pop around in. I joke that I think the starter is more powerful than my smart diesel was. PS, car was made in Oshawa 

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On 9/11/2018 at 7:27 PM, LooseLugNuts said:

something with better heat...more ground clearance and more cargo area


im replacing mine for winter with either a 4x4 kia sorrento or a chevy equinox....depends which one attracts my ambition first


i ended up choosing the equinox (which has since been sold on to another owner)...the kia needed too many repairs to the rocker panels 


after equinox left i switched exclusively to my f150 but found myself staying local during hunting season due to fuel prices so i searched for something else more suitable for travel and bush trails 


i am currently fixing up a 2008 awd saturn vue that will be my primary ...and i bought a plow for my f150 so the truck will relegated to work only (so that will also let me dump my other truck that was used exclusively for driveway plowing)

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