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Check clean replace any bad wiring connections anywhere on the subframe unit. Engine, etc etc. Gear selection motor and actuator, starter, alt.  IF, you are energetic and a bit up on oil pump,chain and sprocket issues.....When i took the two engines I have done, both had leaking intake gasket rings. You could visually see where they were letting air get past them.!  They are cheap if i recall correctly at MW-SMART in germany. It's where I purchased all y engine parts when i completely rebuilt my engine, clutch and transmission.
I also separated the single power cable that services the alt and starter so it's far easier to remove either one in the future. You don't need to fiddle with power cable with your finger tips trying to undo cables to allow unit to come away from engine. 
Depending upon what your inter cooler scoop looks like at the lower end of it, you could remake it using tin or ducting I made mine an inch longer to get more air. BUT, it means you will be an inch closer to the road that rips it So always wary of objects on the road from now on. I also encased my inter cooler scoop path way to make the air travel more directly into inter cooler and not rely on body to direct the air into the inter cooler. Yes way over kill but it was there staring at!  I used rubber floor mating so it is flexible as it may come into contact with body work when the sub frame is re attached to body. 

Check all engine mounts for cracking or complete failure, too soft of rubber?

I also made a shield to protect the alt from debris off road. and removed the hard plastic shield as it is too close to alt and it holds dirt against the alt I found. I again made this shield with the same rubber mating that i used for the inter cooler scoop. It's just the rubber flooring from Princess Auto sold my the meter. 

The drive shaft bearings that hold the drive shaft in the transmission can get worn and come loose....I changed both of mine, it tightened it up greatly! Check wheel bearings and also shocks for leaks or lack of pressure. I found one of mine was dead at the top of the stroke.....badly rusted...just the one...?

Also IF you are curious, take off the air booster pump and peer into it's drive mechanism. You may find it all deformed where it makes contact within it'self.  It's on the top right end of the cam shaft....mine looked like it was beaten by a hammer!  Found one new in Romania reasonable.
You could always install a oil pan with drain plug!  If so, make up a guard that sits in front of plug to protect it from getting hit and deforming pan, a simple half moon shaped 1/4" piece welded to oil pan works well.


All of these things I have pictures of in my engine rebuild thread in WIKI section....if you are interested.


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