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What is this hose please?

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I know the smaller hose in this shot is the fuel regulator, but is anyone able to help me work out what the larger straight hose is?

It's collapsing under idle vacuum so think I need to replace it :-)


Many thanks



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If you really want help working out what it is then you need to put the car on a ramp and remove the two plastic covers. Follow the pipe from the one way valve at the top end of your photograph along the car to the front drivers side and look what it connects to.


You need to replace the pipe before you drive off the road because the brakes don't work. Not real likely to happen but it makes sense to replace it.



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Vacuum is maximum at idle so that one way valve does very little when ticking over. The one way valve is there for when there is no vacuum because the throttle is wide open.


The hose is soft. If you can''t get one then stick a spring up it that is approximately the right diameter to stop it collapsing.




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