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10 complete diesels all or none package.olds alberta

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hello all's:),ten smart cars afew cabrio's,one brabus,glasstops,hardtops...all 2006ish diesels

been tossing around if keeping my late dads hobby PROJECT collection,, i have too many other genres of mechanical hobby for my lifetime.

key-word 'PROJECTS'...i haven't immersed myself in them yet-but could. these are for an aficionado / smart breeder-farmer / smart veterinarian..

of ten cars,,one hardtop runs fine, another limps,one has the nose apart,one has the engine out, the others aren't turn-key,

i don't know & haven't tried..they all look perfectly good to me,,everything is usable, none are smashed(afew cracked plastics)no write-offs

if i drive the runner i need the rest for a lifetime worth of a plate full.. (like i already do with dozens of old vw's&hondas)..

if there's serious interest(that would also be the logistics of 10cars),,,,a bargain or trade & volumes of details..

i don't resell or part-out anything=i hoard&low/no media,old tech>> but lots of value for someone that does. and maybe it unburdens me(makes space for other things:unsure:).

niche car communities know what things are worth__ i would leave alot of meat on the bone .. priced for all the unknowns..

but a serious smart whisperer could diagnose em' all __ ,,

***again***all or none package= best deal/offer/trade ,,for now...


thanks guys! (this is first post here of them,,once i put details together/ducks in a row,, i'll update here&post other sites)


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Welcome to the club or obsession...illness...whatever you wish to call it owning well lets say more than your fair share ...lol.

As you already know, finding someone with same appetite for something this odd is going to be a big order to swallow...imho.

You may surprise me and a few others but....I hope you do.

As I start the thinning of the herd myself soon  the idea of a stack of Smarts is tantalizing for sure...lol.   Nope not happening...lol.  nope!

But when the time comes to start the painfull parting process, I'm sure you'll get much more of a feeding frenzy.

I need, ok maybe not the right word, I want a few items and am starting to only go after said items to stop the junk yard mentality taking over.

Again welcome and I seriously hope you can find a home for such a large collection.  Fingers crossed.

Also I didn't see where you are located...?

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location is very close to olds alberta, 45minutes north of calgary, (7minutes north of the big tornado july 1st :bigeyed:).


and there's no rush,,,they were moved from calgary& parked tightly together here 2years ago, and Much more is now blocking them in.

so it'll be a chinese puzzle that is seasonal__(nothing moves when snowed in).but currently ongoing in spare time.

pictures of them would only be like heads in a crowd,, no justice. hence the barnfind status and deal at this point in time..

but they will be exposed,,and inventoried in due time.


someone local alberta, like Avenge95 fellow here would be logical.

not posting or piecing them individually to the general wider world (my front burners are full of many years of other things) until more can be known.about each one.

its fun hobby stuff ,,,/ lifetime supply to motor beyond the sunset..    but time for it all is whats limited


can pm for contact info



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the 2005 brabus is the black cabrio! if it's not a clone? it says brabus everywhere, and has a different front valance than the 2 other 05'cabrio's..

but doesn't have centered dual exhaust,,,aluminum 'B' rear shroud is straight across (maybe cuz it's diesel not gas?). vin#check matches black cabrio with orange interior ,,, but doesn't mention brabus_> i saw a mention elsewhere thats how it is,, brabus did their mods after the factory production,, and didn't make the diesels any faster _,,_ really didn't ad much value at the time,, other than the brand.. :cool03:

u guys tell me__ i'll upload pics ....

(and all three cabrio's have good tops except for the rear vinyl windows bleached out and not flexible anymore, of course)

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these look like brabus wheels,, my dad might have put them on this car he drove,, untill it started limping,,(it didn't like a cold day start).

the red 06' coupe is the runner (yard pic with back window sticker says= 0 - 60 ,,,,,, eventually :D)

brabus 3.jpg

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2 hours ago, MikeT said:

Someone spent a lot of cash to add those BRABUS body parts to a passion.


there u are,,was wondering who's who in this zoo,,lol

just saw ur old thread saying that about clones on other american smart forum,, thanks google!

u also said it's likely only dealers would do that,, (kinda like the old Yenko muscle cars?)

the brabus info was better performance in gassers+shocks,,but not the diesels_other than trim(this vin said base' trim>is a passion base trim?)

reminds me of old dodge vans produced base; then sent to different coachworks to be camperized/motorhomes,new on the lots,,, i've had afew coachwork vw vans sold new dealership camperized,,, even 60years ago they couldn't put the westfalia brand on them..

similarly i can imagine a kit available for smartcars,,, but 2005+ isn't that long ago__use of a brand name would need legal sanction,,

it's not like sticking SS>(not a brand) on a camaro>(is a brand)....... 

so legal sanction would make it legit___ by definition ,,, especially if it was sold that way new by a certified distributor/dealership..

as simple as an optional trim package is,, it does set it apart ,,and if not a museum candidate__put the Hayabusa motor & roast tires :thumbsup_anim:


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Quite the collection and neatly kept and not simply piled on top of another like most salvage yards do to our cars thinking they are worth nothing, which they are to anyone not into Smarts. I have always liked that bronze colour scheme personally. I thought Izzy would possibly be interested in this but didn't want to speak out of turn. A normal non runner isn't worth much I'm afraid and can sometimes tale many hours and $$$ to get them operational once again. Glenn is another who finds these normally and gets them for peanuts on the dollar compared to us normal folks.  imho there just isn't the following that the VW crowd has. I used to be into Jeeps before they went to the square headlight era, that also has a massive following as does any good muscle car. I still own a 1952 Willys/Overland pick-up I just can't seem to let go. So I fully get the thought process behind your decission making. IF IZZY does get them I will have to speak with him about parts I may wish to get...lol.    AUGH......I'm too OLD to start this again!!!!!     I may want that body kit off the bronze car....lol.

Again good luck and I hope that you can make a deal with these two members of the club.....

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