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Important lesson learned today.....

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Important lesson re-learned today......!

When diagnosing a problem always step back and triple check the cause or symptom.  Don't just jump at the obvious easy solution without searching a bit further.
Lesson I had to re-learn today. I have had a slight fuel leak for the past week. I had other more pressing things to take care of and a few days ago I went after the leak. The pump was wet and slowly dripping fuel and had a very slight river of fuel running down the block and dripping slowly onto the ground. So, I instantly assumed it was the pump at fault seeing it was the most obvious culprit seeing as it was wet. So I assumed it was the leak. I took the pump off and it looked like the fuel was seeping past the seals in one of the heads. So, no problem I get my spare seal kit out and start the rebuild project...easy fix.  I re-install the newly rebuilt pump and saw no instant leak. I thought good job done.! WRONG...it started dripping all over again..Hmmm...?  So off comes the pump and I open it up thinking I had pinched a seal or something simple.  Back on the engine again, great dry for a few minutes and again leaking. I have a few pumps on the parts pile, so fetch one and start opening it up to check what the inside looks like....not good, decide to order a fresh seal kit and start with the new pump. I clean it completely and wait, yesterday the seals come, they are garbage, too thin compared to originals, so it's going back! I think well I have a perfectly good beater which runs well and doesn't leak, I'll take the pump off it and install it on the new car. Easy right, just time. Well, seems the leak is contagious as it still weeps!  So after watching the engine from underneath I finally see a drop of fuel hanging under the return fitting on the fuel rail!!!!   I wipe it and yep it's back...this is where the leak is coming from and with a simple loosening and re-tightening of the fitting it stops leaking!!!  FFS...!!!!   A total of 8 hours of messing around with pumps and that wasn't even the problem source!  So I reinstall the old pump back onto the beater, drive it to it's new home,the parking lot. Install all the incidentals back to where they should be in the new car and walk away.....AUGH....!!!!!  Engine is bone dry once again and my driveway is drip free.

Just wanted to say, always check for more than the first thing that comes to mind when searching for a problem with your cars.  I had an old friend who always used to say..."It's always the simple things"  KISS was his moto.  My problem is I tend to jump at the first obvious cause and forget the simple things. I now have 3 pumps in pieces sitting on my bench, all good all need new seals now....Hmmmm....?????

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