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  1. I have been using the "egg" in my sales explanations for quite some time.Side ways it is very easy to crack an egg, but end to end very difficult.So, in a collision situation it is a very tough form to be secure inside.
  2. I sold many of the 420SEL's in that time, it was a fabulous car and had a fabulous ride.Pay attention to Mike though, he knows of what he speaks. You do not want to be replacing engines !!
  3. From Fortwo, Smart now has ForfourSat, Apr 17, 2010Concept, SmartEverybody enjoyed the Smart’s Fortwo, which has prompted smart to increase its vehicle lineup. One way they’ll try this is by re-introducing the Fortwo into the market. It will be very similar to the current Fortwo, but will use a lengthened version of the Fortwo platform, complete with its rear-engined/rear-drive layout. It will share this platform with Renault’s next Twingo and will be built alongside it at Renault’s factory at Novo Mesto, Slovenia.The Forfour also adopt a combination of conventionally hinged front doors and sliding rear ones; the latter set-up was previewed on Mercedes’ F800 Style Geneva show concept. Inside, the Forfour will provide seating for four adults. As with the Fortwo, the seats will be set high for ease of entry. Luggage space will be limited, with the boot compartment sitting above the engine at the rear. But fold-down rear seats will be standard, allowing owners to tailor the space to their own requirements.Power for the new Forfour will come from a new range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that are under development as part of the Daimler/Renault-Nissan co-operation. Set to range in capacity from 1.2 to 1.8 liters, the new direct-injection petrol and common-rail diesel units will find their way into a wide range of compact Mercedes, Nissan, Renault and Smart models. In both Smarts, the engines will be mated to a dual-clutch gearbox.Smart is also planning to provide the new Forfour with hybrid and plug-in electric driveline options as part of a broader strategy aimed at lowering Mercedes’ overall fleet CO2 average to below 140g/km by the middle of the decade, in line with EU emissions regulations.The Forfour would be release sometime in 2014. Watch for it!
  4. Available for immediate delivery these Specialty smarts:2009 smart fortwo Coupe Limited 3 Editionsmart Melon GreenMelon Green Seating Fabrik w/Brown ContrastsSteering Wheel & Shifter in Dark Brown LeatherMatte Silver Contrast ComponentsDashboard InstrumentsAluminum-look "limited three" LogosNew vehicle............$16,488.002009 smart fortwo Coupe Brabus Editionsmart River Silver Metallicdesign Black upholsteryBrabus Monoblock VII WheelsBrabus Sport SuspensionBrabus Spoiler KitBrabus Sport ExhaustBrabus Logossmart Leather Seats HeatedBrabus Contrast Components in SilverBrabus Aluminum PedalsBrabus Dashboard InstrumentsAnti-Theft SystemFog LampsNew vehicle............$19,488.00BrianNorth Star Mercedes-Benz/smart807-475-3333
  5. I know that is what we need, if you can remember it fantastic.
  6. Any help out there.Customer bought a smart in Canada as he has residence in both Canada and the US he wanted the speedo in Miles per Hour.Ordered and installed a US Speedometer but it is still reading in KPH, in other words it shows 60 MPH when you are actually going 60 KPH and the Fuel Gauge will only get to showing 3/4 Full.Is there some kind of flash update via electronics to solve this issue?Any other suggestions?
  7. DAN PROUDFOOTMONTE CARLO — Globe and Mail Update Published on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010 6:03PM EST The battery-powered Smart drives better than gasoline- or diesel-fuelled Smarts.This is a first impression – burnished by the tiny two-seater's uncanny ability to skirt the many Bentleys and Ferraris clogging the traffic in this city state. Harbour to casino, only a scooter might be faster.But the electric Smart excels by being quieter and more comfortable than the earlier models Canadians have come to know. Gone is the teeter-totter rocking set off by the automatic gearshift because the electric motor operates with a single gear. (Reverse, when engaged, reverses the motor's direction of rotation.)It is less suited to highway driving with a top speed of 100 km/h. It's recast as a city car, unapologetically, albeit capable of humiliating said Ferraris and Bentleys for the first metre or two of acceleration from a standstill as 120 Newton metres (88.5 lb-ft) of torque drives the lightweight forward. (Before you're through the intersection, though, the electric Smart's progress slows: acceleration to 60 km/h is claimed to be 6.5 seconds, compared with 6.9 for the Brabus model I tested last year.The 45 electric drive Smarts coming to Canada in the fourth quarter of 2010, are from an initial production run of 1,000 that began emerging from the factory in Hambach, France, in November.Mercedes-Benz Canada has yet to decide how they'll be distributed, but in European countries they're leased for €700 (about $1,000) a month, with the car to be returned after four years. With volume production in 2012, they'll “become available to anyone interested,” Mercedes-Benz says.Range is 135 km. Plugging into a normal home electrical outlet overnight facilitates urban driving all day, at a cost of between €2 and €3 (less than $5); 220-volt outlets, like those used for washers and dryers, are required for normal charging time.Cold weather operation is claimed to minus-20 Celsius. And Jochen Eck, in charge of testing, explained the Smart is pre-heated during the charging process. “Once the battery has absorbed 75 per cent of its charge, then the interior is heated or air-conditioned in the summer using the electricity from the grid, and the car can maintain that temperature with less than one kilowatt.” The lithium ion battery has a capacity of 16.5 kwh.Canadians will withhold the Great White North seal of approval until seeing for themselves, but Eck insisted that three winters of testing in the Alps made him confident that (1) interiors can be toasty and (2) range will not be greatly reduced by heating and defrosting requirements.
  8. Apparently some folks have issues when hit in the face with the truth,heck, I don't even pay the bills and know there's got to be black on thebalance sheet to keep the doors open, so that folks can get the servicethat they deserve after they have purchased our products.
  9. And so you expected this dealer who made about $1,000.00 or less on your original purchase to pay you to the upper limit of BlackBook then sell you another vehicle and make less than $800.00 on this sale and do your service and have parts on hand and have trained techs on hand and a nice facility with amenities for you to shop in and wait for service and pay the interest on the line-of-credit for used vehicles to jump right forward and beg you to do business with them?
  10. Thank you Tom for your continued patronage.Great and knowledgable customers are a pleaasure.
  11. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.You have to buy your smart from an AUTHORIZED smart dealer to receive an AUTHORIZED extended warranty.And there's a problem with this?
  12. What's with the CD Changer in the 451?It does not appear to accept more than one CD.Any hints?
  13. Need to know about how safe a smart fotwo is ?!?!?
  14. Many people are being hosed because they are not aggressive with their insurance carrier. These insurance companies have together conspired to boost insurance rates for smart. Don't stand for it. Try TD MONEX for good pricing for insurance for smart fortwo. Complain to your insurance company and begin to send them posts of the safety aspects of smart everyday. How can a Yaris be rated better than a smart fortwo, they have only two airbags, no ESP, no Brake-Assist, no Tridion Safety Cell !!! Come on insurance companies, get real.