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  1. Took my 2017 Smart ED in for its first service. They did the service, washed the car and gave me a bottle of "Mercedes" water all for $125. I'm a retired mechanic so I know the local shop rates, and I know there is sweet diddly to do on an electric vehicle, but that is cheap. Didn't even bill me an hour.
  2. It takes a lot longer to charge with 110v. Other than that, no difference. Perhaps you are not quite getting a full charge with 110?
  3. Another '17 453 chiming in but our ambient is substantially lower here in Edmonton. It mostly goes from garage to garage but a few times it has been parked outside at sub-20°C for hours at a time with no heat issues. I think you need to bring it back to the dealer.
  4. There is this site: https://www.smarttekinfo.com/SmartTek/index.jsp But you have to have a credit card with a billing address in the US.
  5. These are not standard OBD codes. They would be Smart specific.
  6. I have a pair of Philips H4 LED bulbs and ballasts on order. The LED bulbs are longer as they have cooling fins. Hopefully they will fit in the housing.
  7. The alarm wasn't consistently sounding the horn when engaged and it had started going off in the middle of the night. A wee bit of searching on the internet came up with the diagnosis: front service compartment cover not pushing the sensor pin far enough in. One solution is to fit a plastic rivet where the pin strikes on the cover. Still under warranty as it's not even a week in service yet so I didn't want to be drilling holes. I just fit a rubber vacuum cap with a 3/16 ball inside onto the sensor's pin. Sleeping much better now, thank goodness.
  8. Found this: https://app-453.secure.smart.com/app/#/choose Not sure it is operational yet. Will not bring up an actual log-in screen.
  9. Use less power as well, 35w vs 55w.
  10. ... but it is just an info app. No link to the car.
  11. Different name brings it up: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/smart-experienc-e/id1248183749?l=en&mt=8 You have to search for it using an iOS device. Search for: smart experience-e
  12. Having grown used to HID lighting, the H4 headlights are not inspiring. It's just a city car so I guess it isn't that much of an issue.
  13. I can't find the app for download on a Canadian accessible site.
  14. I've not driven a 452 ED but our 453 initially accelerates like a bat out of the usual place when it is not in eco-mode. Ours was fully charged on delivery and I had already mounted a proper charging station in the garage.
  15. We don't have set departure times. Would be nice to be able to "warm/cool" it before unplugging and leaving.