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  1. 2018 leaf should be out soon too.
  2. Still probably going to be July/August the earliest as per my original post. Bought a used Nissan Leaf in March for the mean time
  3. Which dealership did you order with? I even mentioned your order and they were like how's that possible since he's in charge of ordering and can see every Mercedes ordered in BC (and every order goes through him)
  4. They're in charge of orders for corporate and franchise stores in BC so I'm pretty sure his information applies nationally so given that it looks like the earliest anyone would get one is July 2017 but I would love to be proven wrong.
  5. Been planning to replace my 450 diesel for a while now and was going to put a deposit down on a 2017 ED and make use of the recent incentive credits available for BC residents until I hit a road block... As of today, 303 credits remain for BC scrap it $6,000 ev credit. Car must be delivered within 90 days of applying for the credit. My source at Mercedes said their system doesn't even show any production for ED's in April/May. Even if it is updated soon for April/May production it would be July/August delivery to BC. Since $2,500 deposit is non-refundable I decided to wait until there is more information on actual production dates. Thing is by the time it is April/May I'm sure there will be no more credits left as there is only an allocation for 500 credits.... might be time to shop for another car. This was surprising to me because some other members on this forum and another forum were stating that their sales people were telling them delivery in May/June? My friend/source said that wouldn't be possible. They said they can't even order the car now if they wanted to...