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  1. I have a manifold that had a crack in it, I had got it welded up and it cracked again. I did not see this at first. The boost is inconsistent, 4th gear max load would make around 14 lbs of boost. all the other gears were less,
  2. OK guys, I have pulled the Turbo/Manifold assembly. This is a short video clip (sound) of me blowing compressed air onto the compressor wheel. The wheel stops very quickly, is this an indicator that the turbo is on its way out? Thanks again for all the help. The car has 140,000km on it. 1265288660.mp4
  3. Thanks Willys, I will look into the grounding of the car. looking near the turbo there is a large ground wire that is looking fairly ratty, i will start there and continue on. when i did inspect the intercooler, I did cut back the scoop (this is good advice) I also have a 2006 cdi and swapped egr valves and had no difference. As for shaft play in the turbo it had felt fine but maybe I will compare against my other car. Thanks again.
  4. Hello all, my 2005 CDI is having issues in 6th gear. Monitoring boost in gears 1-5 seem to be normal. When I shift in to 6th gear the car will make around 4lb of boost at roughly 2,000rpm and I eventually have to shift back into 5th to maintain speed. I plugged my Delphi scanner in and there is no codes. I had pulled and inspected the inter-cooler along with all pressure piping. The wastegate tension is tight and lubed up, EGR is clean, Clutch actuator has been inspected and lubricated.Has anyone seen this in the past, is the other parameters that i should be monitoring? TIA
  5. Thanks for the reply, I pulled the Intercooler out tonight. Did not have any leaks and very little oil residue inside. Checked the hoses and did not see any holes or abrasions. I believe i will be going the star route now.
  6. Hello all, I am new to the group and hope I have posted in the right area. I currently have 2 Smart cars. I currently have a 2006 Cdi and recently purchased a 2005 Cdi. I do not know a whole bunch of history on the car, but it will not exceed 3000rpm. There is currently no light on and no codes stored. I have pulled the EGR valve which is clean, then switched my solenoid from my 2006 CDI. Still no change in power. I had then switched clutch actuators between cars, still no difference. I can hear the fuel pump when i turn the key. I pulled the rear bumper and functioned the waste gate and inspected the lines and all looks good. Upon further inspection, I realized my exhaust manifold was once welded but has cracked again. I put my ScanGauge on and it makes roughly 3lb of boost. I realize I will have to replace the exhaust manifold, could this be the issue? Would anyone else have any ideas to check as well.