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  1. I just heard from the rep at the Kuni dealership in Portland. They're still saying "mid-February" for a Denver opening, but I'm confirmed to be in the first batch. Yippee!!!!Couldn't get any more specific deets out of her. :(Off to check my VIN........
  2. Just got my e-mail from smart usa -- here's the Denver dealership info:smart center Denver2855 S. BroadwayEnglewood, CO 80121Phone Number: (503) 372-7539
  3. Hi!Our dealership is part of the Kuni family: http://www.kuniauto.com/default.aspx?html=smart.htmlI've been in occasional contact with them (initiated by me), but haven't gotten any more details from them than I had from the corporate number.They'll be on south Broadway, but as I live in Castle Rock, haven't had the chance to drive by and see where/what stage the dealership is in.Sounds like I might be in a position to give more information tomorrow (Thursday), if I'm early enough in the reservations group -- and I think I might be.Pam
  4. Sorry -- the (future) in-laws descended, and there wasn't time for the Important Stuff. :)My res # starts with 403590. I made my reservation March 19, and completed my configuration online August 27.I'm neglecting my poor (reliable, good-in-the-snow) Subaru, because frankly, it's not a smart. And all my money, time, love and attention must be reserved for Einstein. I think that's going to be his name. I'll need to meet him to be certain. but that's where I'm leaning. 'scuse me, I've gotta go sweep the garage floor again. *grin*Happy new Year, y'all!!!
  5. Oh -- I should note, too, that I did my configuration on August 27. I didn't realize that it was my final, be-all-and-end-all order until last week, but at least it's in the queue. And apparently, the car is in production, but that's all I've gotten out of the folks at 1-800-smartusa
  6. Have any US reservation holders been successful at finding out their VIN, or any more detailed delivery timeline?All I get is "Sometime in Q1", which is a pretty broad spectrum when you're trying to figure finances, logistics, etc.I'm fairly certain my reservation is pretty early in the list (placed it on March 19, literally the minute I got the e-mail). I'm hopeful I'll get my long-awaited cabrio in January, but if anyone has any tricks to nailing it down a bit more, I'd love to hear. And no, e-mailing my local dealer isn't helping, so far. :(Thanks!!!Pam
  7. Oh, wouldn't I LOVE to have that one! Is that a link you can post?For those who want to follow suit, here's a link to the CTU ringtones -- my co-workers who watch the show just giggle every time my phone rings....We love the show, but hafve to be careful about not watching it too close to bedtime -- the heartrate just skyrockets!!!
  8. Hi! I've entered a contest, and I'm hoping you can help me. The more views, comments and (even better) Fans I can get on my ManiaTV channel, the more points I get. And even though my avatar is a smart (which I set, before I got the happy news that I could finally get a place in the ordering line), the channel is about Freak Train, a local (to Denver) entertainment event. I get 1 point for every view of my channel, but I get 25 points for every Fan , and 25 points for every comment about my channel. This channel is currently dedicated to FreakTrain, which some of you have either been to, or have heard me talk about. I've featured some clips from recent FreakTrain performances, including Pat Angellos' puppet antics, Linn's singing and Bigfoot's....um....Bigfootyness. Seriously -- I have until April 15 to get as many views, Comments and Fans as I can get, so help me out and spread the Mania!! Thanks, and Happy Spring!!!!! Pam
  9. Huh.....It was Switzerland, and I'm fairly certain it was 97 -- though I've never had a stellar memory, so maybe I'm off by a year. But it was on the streets in Switzerland. I remember squealing over how flippin' cute it was Bugger!!!!! *sniff*Oh, well.....Phat Red is a pretty good color for me as well -- I'll just hafta bust out a few boxes of crayons and do my own stream green *snicker*Hello to my Canadian friends, of whom I've been jealous since they were able to get smarts!! But I was able to rent one while in Emonton last spring, so I know for certain that yes, I really do want one!
  10. When I ordered my MINI Cooper, it was apparent that his name would be Nigel. And don't ask me how I knew it was a "him", I just did.Now that the ordering process for my long-dreamt-of smart is officially underway, I'll need to start thinking of a name....and possibly a gender.Just curious as to what other smarties have decided upon (or discovered, as the case may be -- sometimes the name just comes with the car, eh?)Pam
  11. I can see that I'll be spending far too much time on this forum, eh? :)And I forgot to mention that I'll once again be driving a car worthy of the vanity plates that I got for my 2002 MINI Cooper S: "TINYCAR".I had to sell the MINI due to some issues arising from a divorce, but I kept the plates, vowing that I would have them on a smart one day.Yippee!!!!
  12. Since my trip to Europe in the winter of 1997, I have been smitten with the smart.I've been e-mailing smart every year or so, asking if/when we could have them in the US.Today, I very happily plunked down my $99 for a spot in the ordering queue. My co-workers giggled at me as they saw the tears streaming from my eyes. I barely finshed the transaction before I completely lost it and had to leave the building so I could whoop, holler, cry and dance with elation.I'll be disappointed if I actually can't get my cabrio in stream green (are they really not offering the Pulse in the US? Huh.), but a phat red Passion would be perfectly okay for now.Oh, happy day! After 8 or 9 long years of waiting, I can't beleive I only have 9 or 10 months to go!!!!!Pam