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  1. On two occasions I have spotted a new Smart in my neighborhood.I haven't been in a position to follow or get pix but it was a thrill tofinally see one actually driving down here.....
  2. and today (May 21) I saw a yellow and black!!!!
  3. Saw 4 GK's on a transport truck turning onto US1 in Melbourne, Floridathis morning. I was headed the other way or I would have followed.This was the first time that I have even seen one.... wish that it was a closer view!!
  4. I want to go to the show first before I cancel anything. I needall that VIP treatment for my weekly ego boost ......
  5. A great number of people on my Miata forum are installing These Horns
  6. We tried that years ago but it just never worked out!!
  7. Cool Let us know what you think!!
  8. So sorry ma'am...... we are unworthy....
  9. That's what I did. Leased the MX-5 for two years and by then I'll take a look at gas prices. I would like to get 60 mpg's out of my next car so I may wait till the Smart Car Diesel becomes available in the US. With this mileage I'm about equal with my Scion and far more SPORTY
  10. Seems as though you have really good taste.. :)Just got my first tank full....... 28.57.mpg's ... pretty darn good!!
  11. I know... Makes me crazy!! I tried to have XP do a repair butI couldn't get the OS to accept my login. Just ordered my GF anotherPC (she uses an Expanion) linked to my main computer. It willhave sound finally....
  12. Have fun at the tour!!
  13. Sorry about the music... My sound hasn't worked on the computer for about 6 monthsso I have no clue what the audio is!!
  14. "folding down the windshield"... now I never had a chance to do that... :(My first was an MG Midget but I can remember sitting in an MGA when Iwas probably 11 and thinking what a great little car it was.They were all so agile compared to my first car (57 Chevy) and they weren'tthat expensive used. After all I was a 19 year old kid working for just overminimum wage. I would spend all day cruising around Miami.I dated many young ladies from elsewhere... some from Canada.. and a great date was just tooling around showing them the beaches, Key Biscayne,Coconut Grove, etc.In the winter I would run the expressway with my 3/4 tunneau on and the heater blasting beneath. The chill air nipping at my ears and the sound ofIna-Gadda-Da-Vida blasting from the 8 track.I felt truly sophisticated once I got my Fiat 124 Spider with the twin camsand a top that folded back in one motion!! Oh, and lets not forget the realwood dash board..... british racing green with a tan interior.I have high hopes for the Smart and it's future in the USA. I truly want adiesel once they are available here... or perhaps a diesel hybrid..
  15. http://www.clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=12459?smart_fence_131.jpg I jumped the fence and leased an "07" Miata MX-5. I'm still going to keep my $99 in so that I can get the "VIP" treatment when the tour comes around.. With gas remaining relatively cheap & the fact that I don't drive very far at all ....... I figured that I might as well get the "sports car" that I've wanted since they first came out. Memories of my old MG's are popping up all over as I scoot around town. I have to remember that the cops are going to notice my copper red mica Miata a great deal more than my old Scion... Another few years and my knees are going to need the "tall" seating and easy entrance the sweet lil Smart Car offers! Might as well go a little crazy now as I'm not getting any younger. I look forward to getting a 50 state certified diesel in another few years as gas gets up over $4.00!! Smart Car is still the intelligent choice but ya gotta go a little crazy once in a while... J
  16. First Car? "57" Chebby Mang
  17. And Venture One is talking hybrid & plug in!!
  18. Traitor.....
  19. Carver Home