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  1. Hello, Im selling my smart car for $5000 obo. My smart is all black, custom sound system with USB and iPod friendly. Only 68000km. Driven with care and loved by women with all records of care and maintenance. Both summer winter rims and bran new winter tires. Reason for selling: as much as i love my car with passion im unable to drive it due to medical reasons. Now she needs a head gasket hasn't been driven in 5 years but will run i dont run her due to head gasket. No issues with injectors have paper for test and all pass including one extra injector... i have 4. Head on the engine is fine did scope and #3 has oil other 2 clean with no carbon build up. With family and 2 young children no time to repair it myself including medical health issues. please PM me if interested. Would love it if she goes to a fellow smart car individual. Thank you.
  2. Gday everyone,Long time no post I say, lol. So an update to my smartie from last time. So Dang has been over a few times during the summer time with my dad to figure out whats going on with midget. So the problems are for people that dont know are this....1) very hard to start, once running runs fine, no lack of power problems, just starting in any temp weather.So with Dang and my dad nothing came up on computer everything is fine. checked injectors, had tested ALL FINE! So nothing wrong in that area.Check glow plugs, replace with new still issues. So when Dang left the last time nothings worked in cause of not wanting to start. So what we did is left the injectors out dad got his scope and looked through at all pistens and inside the head. FOUND SOMETHING...... cylnder 1 and 2 clean no carbon no nothing....cylnder 3... WOW... it was covered in black crap on the pisten, oil and crap, yet no compression issues...Odd..... So now thats its winter time dad and I are going to remove the head and have a good look and fix. What we need to know is the best way to remove the head to get at everything... I've been on FQ101 and dad dont think we need to do a full rebuild like they have on that site, unless you guys think its just best to do it and get it done... i do know a smartie in its life will need a rebuild. My smartie is at 68,000KM Im thinking while its apart do it now but dad wants to take the head apart and see in WTF is going on. So I need an " HOW TO" for just removing the head.Thanks so much everyone!!!!!
  3. We're thinking it's a wiring problem but we need a print out of the wiring diogram for the smart.It's a bran new relay and it's doing the same thing as the old unit did, so we don't know if it's a faulty unit or it's something further up the system then the relay.
  4. Compression has nothing to do with the glow plugs not comming on, nor that power once again isn't going to glow plugs. And if it was truly a compression problem, logically I would have problems all the time even when driving due to lack of power, which I am not. 140 km/hr easy and if compression a problem my car wouldn't have the get up and go like it has. Now in my dads smart it has lack of power but that's because his egr needs to be cleaned. An also if compression problem my car would run like bag of shit all the time, which it isn't. When u start it in cold temps it's hard to start due to the glow plugs not heating up the cyl it will be hard to start, but once it stats to run and the cyl get warm/ hot it shouldn't have anymore problems. And this is what is going on, once it's warm it runs normal. Thus in the end isn't a compression issue. And to add: when the glow plug light comes on my dash when u go to first go to use her when that light is on, glow plugs aren't on no power is going to glow plugs. Power from the bat is going into the glow plug relay but no peer going to glow plugs. So something isn't working to tell the glow plugs to be turned on.So we're going to hot wire the glow plugs and see. Where is the coolent temp sensor located on the smart?
  5. No the issue only started when it was going below zero. The compression is fine. When we do get her running she has no lack of power she has lots of get up and go. Can I have a copy of the wire diogram because we're thinking it migt be one of the sensors that tell the relay to stay on depending on the temp it getting from the outside. We don't know if it has an air intake sensor or some other sensor to tell it to keep on. Cuz the new relay worked and now it don't in regards to the glow plugs. But also, once the car is warmed up it runs like normal. It's just when ur first get it going is we're all the issues are. Which in the end is still pointing to glow plugs.
  6. G'day again its midget here with her dad and i'm going to post cuz were still having issues and our WIS program isnt working( asking to vailadate username and PW and its not working) So here we go..... From the start: I have a 2006 smart car with only 79000kms1) First off car isnt running when its cold, so replaced glowplugs, still didnt work.2) Once replaced glowplug mod,code then came up as cyl 3 misfire, replaced injector.3) Started car still didnt start corretly, so can it thinking it needed to get clened out on highway.4) parked it at work, once work done went to start, it stalled 2, then 3rd time put foot into it, it started and ran rough.5) Once its warmed up it runs fine6) Chcked glowplugs, not working again.6) removed glowplugs tested with bat they are great.7) Checked the 3 connors and no power going to glow plugs again.8) Checked fuses, all fine9) Checked main feed from bat to glowplug mod, fine.10) Nothing is coming out of the new glowplug mod, which only had one drive...........We need to know what other inputs the glowplug mod receives for it to work. If we can have more input, and also a wireing dio for the smart car since the WIS isnt working for us.
  7. Sorry for not responding but I was very I'll. Question is can someone tell me the steps for pulling the injector cuz the _________ program I have is being dink and won't let me on. Thank u so much
  8. Hiya me again.Ok so we changed the mod the glow plugs are working corrently, still shaking. We have changed the fule filter/sep this weekend also. Now we put the car on my dads compy and found now it reads a code of (cy 3 misfiring). So we found that the relay wasnt working for glow plugs and for codes. Now we put the new relay glow plugs work and now we have a code. We then took my dads heat gun to see the temp of the 3 exhaust outlets comming from the eng. There is a 30 degree differenc from the first 2 and the 3rd. Which is now pointing to a faulty new glow plug, but were also getting white somke and its burning rich, pointing to injector.... so were going to have to check glow plug... Still it dont like starting in cold morningwhat after market injectors are there for the smart?
  9. We have the glow plug relay, which is the whole black box on the subframe. So we'll put that in and see in how it runs.
  10. I know but were not getting any code. On the dash the glow light comes on and stuff like normal. But when the Light says there on they're not. They're not heating up and would explain why my old still working fine plugs are dirty. Not turning on to basically self clean. We have power going into the unit/ plug that has all the wires but nothing going to glow plugs.
  11. There is no power going to turn on the glow plugs at all. So I have the glow plug relay to pick up today, where is the relay located? And we also found the 3 big white wires comming out of that unit is to the glow plugs we have power going in, which is from the red wire(bat) but nothing comming out to the glow plugs. Were still shocked that it still will not throw a code even after finding in what we found out.
  12. We are wondering what wires are feeding the glow plugs so we can do a volt test?
  13. Dad is wondering where is the glow plug mod located? Thank you.
  14. Mine has just started to do it when it started to go past 10 and below. And dad is going to do that cus he's taken both old and new plugs right to an extra bat and they turn hot red real quick and he did a resin test and all with norms from what we found on evolu site so plugs are all fine.Were doing the plug glowing test to see if the mod is working right.
  15. Thank you so much! Now my dad would like to know is: where is the fuel pressure test port + what PSI are we looking for?