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  1. Behind the fuse panel is a rubber grommet where a main wiring harness goes through the "firewall". This grommet has a couple of different sized nipples. Choose the one that will match your wire and snip off the tip with some side cutters and feed your wire through. After it is fed through, you will find it behind the driver's headlight and behind the radiator overflow tank. Add a blob of grease or sealer and your all set. CREDITS: gordo.bernard
  2. Stone chips are repaired by insurance companies for free in Ontario. There's hardly even any paperwork involved at the major glass repair places. They do this to avoid the major expense of replacing the whole glass. I've had a couple repaired in the last few years and have been pleased with the results. You still know it is there but it just looks like a bug spot that's all. There are 2 reasons to get it done ASAP. It can spread, or if the windshield gets real hot from the defroster or sun it could crack. The second reason is that dirt, washer fluid, Rainex etc. can contaminate the void and affect the bond and the clarity of the repair.
  3. LEADWING...I just noticed your room number....coincidence ?
  4. True but.....to do that you will need a current E-Test....also make sure your address is current on the registration.
  5. And more....some of the roads on the way there were less than two lanes wide following local streams and freshly paved. Some so narrow that there were no painted lines and they seemed more like someone's meandering driveway and not real roads. I couldn't understand why there were no motorcycles on them.
  6. 1...overinflated by 20 PSI may not help, but being underinflated by 20 PSI WILL hurt.2...nitrogen may lose pressure more slowly and therefore requires less checking-most people don't check, so this could save fuel for most people.3...they admit that this is NOT a myth, just that you won't gain much. (don't forget with a small tank like a smart or a motorcycle, a significant portion of the fuel you are buying is not underground)4...open windows depends on the "flow through" ability. Just opening the front windows on my minivan is way different than opening the rears as well.5...I don't know about most fuel injection systems but those that shut off the fuel do exactly that and then when the RPMs drop so far that they are getting close to idle speed, the fuel delivery system activates again. Some manufacturers actually bragged about this as a fuel saving feature. (they must be wrong)...BTW my smart will coast much further with no throttle if I am in manual 6 instead of auto. 6...so a dirty air filter means that I won't get the same performance and that means that I will step on the accelerator even more to get the same level of performance?...really, if only the multi national, multi million dollar filter manufacturers with millions in research knew that adding more layers of filtration would increase fuel mileage....
  7. Those of you that are driving from the Detroit area may want to change it up a bit on the way down. I asked if anyone had suggestions for a more scenic route south of Toledo but no one replied, so I plotted my own. It adds an hour to the travel time but gets me off the I-75, which I have seen so many times in this area. It is a mystery tour since I have not been on any of these roads myself, but some of them have some curves at least and others don't even have painted lines. Take a look if interested. http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=d&source=...1,12&num=10
  8. Friday April 6th sale is 25% off.
  9. This thread covers a few options. http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopi...&hl=battery .
  10. Just some extra ideas, not necessarily recommendations. There are 1/2 inch thread deep stainless nuts welded in place if I need them for stabilization. (The photos don't show the bike secured.) http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopi...t=0#entry241161 .
  11. As an alternative....if you already have a pig tail on your car battery. Make a very short set of light gauge "jumper cables" that mate up to the pig tail and have the proper polarity. Would it then work to get another good used car battery real cheap (any size) and keep it charged in your home all weekend and then all week leave it on the passenger floor hooked up to the new "jumper cable" pigtail?.
  12. Look at the angle of the extra tire. It is probably a self steer axle like on SPIF trailers.
  13. Looking forward to it. Gord and Maggie will be attending as well. We booked a room there for the Friday night. I believe that KKsmart05 will be driving with us as well (in their own smart of course) and we will be crossing at Detroit on Friday and taking a bit more scenic route to Findlay once we get through Toledo. Any recommended routes south of Toledo?