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  1. well, its time to get the old insect killer back on the road, i have to to a provincial safety check, and I'm into allot of parts, the spindles were bent and taking them out I've noticed the struts are seriously bent as well 1/8" out, bent from bottom of spring to centre of wheel, SO...What and where do i get some in a hurry, and whats recommended, i see napa sells them and have no idea what MB is charging these days, and Flying tiger wants more for shipping than the parts! Any info would be great, I've already dropped $700 into new spindles and hate to drop another 1k for struts..
  2. I had the seized ic fan unplugged mostr of the summer but there was a noticible change when the new one was in. I assume its partly because it helps move the hot air out of the engine compartment.
  3. Yeah I know but even with shipping was cheapest I found. Part # is mgp-5479. Its a chineese knockoff of a flexalite but works great and fairly quiet
  4. modified the original, but cant go by this picture for exact location as i had to move it a few times to make fit but you get the idea. Even if you removed egr, the bracket will still be in way and have to trim fan as well.
  5. Blue fan Black fan Red fan
  6. yesterday installed a new intercooler fan, was a $15 ebay find. Old one was seized, this one moves 1120cfm. It was a tight fit, but works well, and even the AC is colder. just a fyi, no engine codes go if the fan seizes, and with a seized fan i was looking at air intakes of 110c with an ambient temp of 30c. Now im getting at most 40c over ambient with top half back, ac on, in 5th at 120kph tunes cranked and sub pounding. normal driving im getting 10c over ambient temps
  7. From sarnia ontario, I'm working at the upgrader in the new expansion, was a busy day for me on my smarty
  8. Welcome. I've just reciently relocated to regina, I'm driving a 2005 blue smart cabrio. You will sometimes see my hauling around my trailer. That gets a few looks. Removed the racing stripes the other day so it blends in more now but I'm still sporting the 16" rims with low pros. Be sure to chase me down if ya see me around
  9. You could drop in clk injectors which would give more fuel and better flow rates
  10. My left front bearing was completely trashed. The right one needs replacing too but I can get away with it for another couple weeks. The right has been replaced before along with the ball joints.
  11. stollen from the tdiclub***Cetane levels by fuel company. To ensure accuracy if you have a level to add to the list please forward an email from a corporate office to me, and I will add it to the list. Please bear in mind that the current minimum from refiners in North America is 40. Depending on the quality of the oil used as well as refining processes you'll find 40-42 from refiners in the US and Canada. Anything above that has to do with specific companies additive packages. When companies give a minimum value then it will be listed as a single number. When a company gives a range of numbers bear in mind that more often than not you'll probably find the lower number rather than the higher number. If 40 is listed then it generally means that fuel is bought as is from the refiner--if someone messes up and doesn't put in enough additive at the refinery then that can cause major problems for your fuel system. It's recommended therefore that if you get the inexpensive fuel with low cetane you use a cetane booster (PowerService, Lubromoly Cetane booster or Stanadyne are all great choices), or run a little biodiesel in the tank. NOTE: If you have a 2009 Common rail diesel or later do not run additives in the tank! If something higher than 42 is listed then the retailer adds their own additive package in addition to the standard refinery additive package. Generally speaking as long as 49 or higher is listed you do not need to worry about adding any additives yourself.BP (Amoco branded), 51; Countrymark fuels Diesel-R, 50Chevron, 49; or 51 with Techron D labels in select marketsConocoPhillips through the 76 stations (California) 47-53PetroCanada, 47-51BP (Powerblend 47, otherwise 40-42)Shell, 46; Sinclair, 46; Sunoco Gold, 45 (often +1-5) Sunoco regular is usually 40.Exxon/Mobile, 43-46Holiday Stations, 40-43HESS, 40-42, can be up to 45.Husky, 40 + diesel Max additives raise another 1-3 from there (41-45 max)Love's: 40Pilot: 40Valero: 40Sheetz: 40Flying J, 40
  12. I used the catalyst one and like allot
  13. im Rob E. lol anyways i was actually looking for Amsoil because i was looking for a higher cn # in additives. it boasted 3-7cn value boost. I was in Port huron MI and decided to stop in at a O'reilly autoparts store and they have a bunch of diesel addictives. This one was similar and synthetic and gave it a shot mixing it more so to give around a +14cn value boost. Was great noticed right away no more smoke on morning startup and the power these lil things really need to have.haven't been able to give a actual economy increase because i have a shot wheel bearing
  14. my new rear piece is sitting at apple autoglass right now waiting to be installed it cost 2k for just the rear section. Its what they called welded in there, it uses the window black goo to hold it in in places along with other "welding". ive seen the replacement and what a job it is, they quoted an hour to remove and 5 to install it
  15. So i have been eyeing up a luggage trailer for some time now, but had no idea where to start. Ive seen articles on other smart forums but they were aimed at 451's and Americans. So this is what i did. I went online and found/printed off a 20% off coupon for harbor Freight. Called ahead to make sure they had the trailer kit in stock (trailer). We next over to port huron Michigan,( there are others across the country and they do ship out of country too) bought it saved 20% on top of the high canadian dollar. Next we emptied both boxes into the car, the guys who brought out the boxes to the car were laughing saying now they have seen everything ha ha yup thats a whole trailer in a smart car lol when we got to the border, they asked us how much which it came to 143. asked us if we had any alcohol or tobacco to declare which we didn't and sent us on our merry way. A week prior we found a cargo carrier at a garage sale for $30 and figured it was a good time to get the trailer. we assembled the trailer, bolted up the newly acquired cargo tote and now have a snazzy trailer to pull behind the smart car. The licencing was a breeze. When down to the MTO said to them i built a trailer (which i did from the kit but didn't mention it) and need a licence plate, they asked me how much it weighed, how many axles and what colour it was. Within 5 minutes, i had a plate, ownership and a new vin, and walked away $35 lighter in my wallet. This is how it looks now, just need to slap some paint on the cargo tote and were ready for camping season!