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  1. Muriel alerted me to the post and all I could say to Sam was: WOW! That is one nice car, Mike. It's nice to have some excitement into one's life again. Congratulations, Mike. Enjoy!
  2. Hello, all you lovely people!Sam and I would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and all the Best for the New Year 2010. We haven't been able to see you too often in this last year, too many diversions and distractions, health and otherwise, and we sure hope to change that in the new year.All the Best to All of You, and all our love,Irene and Sam on Pender
  3. Hi, Everybody. Long time no see. And as usual, with our ferry problems and such, we won't be able to make the Event on Sunday either. The first ferry goes at 8.40 and, if on time, would bring us into Sidney at 9.30. Or later. So, somebody else will have to go for the lowest fuel consumption. Such is life in Paradise.Hope you're all o.k. and enjoyed the fantastic summer. Maybe one day we might be able to have a meet and accommodate some of us who live off the beaten path. Sure miss all of you guys. All the Best to all of you,Irene and Sam
  4. Sorry I didn't do that "quote" thing right. I meant to say:I don't agree on more snow, Muriel, but your cat Zathura looks beautiful in the snow. I vote for rain, anytime. Sorry about that.
  5. Thank you! She is now 15 and still beautiful. And what a personality!
  6. Oops, they did it to me, I wasn't finished yet. And I wanted to say, I wish everybody a very merry Christmas and a very safe one. We will spend some lovely time in our hot tub, with the snow piled up on the deck still, but warm in the water. To heck with the world out there, what world?! Take care, all.Irene and Sam
  7. Hi, everybody! We are finally civilized again. Got our power back late last night, it was out since Sunday. At least half a meter of snow here in Pender Hinterland and nothing plowed. We are absolutely snowed in. I think we were some of the last people back onto the grid, because most people got their power back the day before. But, you pay a price for living in paradise, HO HO HO. So, now we will finally have a nice and warm meal again, everything is sort of curtailed and in a holding mode. Don't want to open up too many fridges and freezers. And you can't have the generator going all day. Not that we have any neighbours.
  8. Hi, Deb. I noticed on the equipment list of your smart, you mention "Eyebrows". Are those the things over the side doors, so you can crack open the window in rain and it won't rain in????? Can you please explain, because am in desperate need of some.
  9. Times-Colonist Friday Nov.28"Building on the success of the Smart For two in Canada, we at Three Point Motors smart are excited to take the smart brand to a new level by introducing the BRABUS model and BRABUS accessories to smart For two enthusiasts. This car will be all about personal expression and many people are waiting to see the car once it arrives in Victoria in January 2009. There are over 1200 smart four two on Vancouver Island of the first and second generation Smart."Also available is the Mercedes McLaren SLR at the introductory price of $495.000 (plus shipping and handling), no government subsidies are expected. Anybody interested???
  10. Never in all our time taking the ferry off or onto this rock, have they taken advantage of our little car for fill-in. They do have a separate lane for big vehicles, and they should have a little spot where they can put the tiny cars, because otherwise they won't see them in amongst the other cars.Considering we all pay the same price, regardless of smaller size, they should at least make up for it by trying to fit them into the smaller spots on the ferries. But it will never happen, believe me. Sam and I had to take the ferry every day, the last two weeks, because of medical issues, but never once were we taken to fill a space. Quite a few times we noticed there would have been easily room for a little car at the end of the ferry, but no way! Maybe the Brentwood ferry, being a smaller route, might do that, but it has never happened to us on our route. And it will never happen. We know that.In the same way they will never get the loading right or leave on time, every time, EVERY TIME, they are at least 40 minutes or like last Thursday, an hour late. This happens all the time. They might as well not have a schedule. But then, it's no wonder, the corporations is being run by an airport man. No more needs to be said. Since Mr. Hahn took over, our local ferry service has steadily deteriorated. Yet the cost of it has gone up dramatically. Nearly doubled and the service has gone down. That little stretch from our island to the big island for a smartcar and two people has now gone up to $52.10. Makes a Sunday ralley with the smart club slightly expensive. Plus no evening ferries, the last ferry for us on a Sunday is 6.30. Can't even stay for dinner, ever.Bitch, bitch, bitch!
  11. Hi, Everybody! Great news for Sunday. We found 4 coupons for the Oceanfront on Sunday, $10 off for a table of 4. So, you can team up with another couple or make some couples. Since we won't be in time on Sunday, we will drop of these coupons at Muriel and Calvins. These coupons were in the TC paper on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th. Check your re-cycle box for old papers.Enjoy the feast and we will see you at or around noon, Sunday.Irene and Sam
  12. We could be down at Cow Bay around noon, and meet with you after your brunch at the hotel We should make it by 12isch. So, you might count us in, after brunch, if you think you still might be there.Irene and Sam
  13. Hi, Sean, I was just pulling everybodys legs, hahahaha. I have been a Mac Person for the last 25 years and you can't change us. Plus, everything one needs is in a Mac, so it's so easy. And Mike, as far as Jenn is concerned, that is too bad, because my daughter in law has a brandnew MacPro laptop, and she is deliriously happy with it. She had a PC before for her business. She would not go back. Plus, as I have been reading the last while, the Microsoft system is getting outdated and many businesses are going the the better OSX. They were calling it an archaic code, according to McLeans. Too cumbersome. But hey, everthing will come out in the wash.Have a good one!
  14. MS word???? What is that? Not something to do with the archaic Microsoft System??? Anyway I am a Mac person and I wouldn't go near Microsoft. So, that leaves me out. Have fun.