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  1. I just had my door handles replaced for a recall as they where sticking!I love free replacements & fixing!!
  2. Good morning, or afternoon, or night.Anywyas, I am looking to buy "new to me" summer tires for my smart car. If anyone is looking to sell thier set or know someone that is selling their tires please let me know.thank you.From London, ON!
  3. I just hit 88,000KM Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey Smart car Friends!From one Smartie to another, Superior Tax Solutions is open for business and preparing income tax as we speak!For a basic tax return $40, and mention you are a fellow smart car owner and get a %15 discount.WIN WIN!
  5. WOW this is the funniest thing ever! LOVE IT!
  6. I hope you called the police. That is damage to personal property. i know they really can't do anything. but maybe it will make them look at your street for a but.
  7. OMG I WANT ONE SO BADLY!!!! SOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 609km with still 1.0L left in tank!I think that is awesome! I love it... Average speed is about 80km/hri got 3.58L/100KM this on this tank!! I love it... I feel like I am saving the world!!! 1 week at a time.-Same guy-Yeah my AC at home couldn't keep up either... it is set for 28 during the day and 26 in the evnings When I got home it was 31 in the house and never got cooler then 27 ... it was just too hot!
  9. Today i got to finish off a 600km tank of gas with still 1.0 Litlers left in tank.yep I drove 609km in the last 10 days!! WOOT WOOT!!
  10. That is a great little fix mate~!
  11. Maybe your A/C isn't charged anymore. at the begining of the summer I had to recharge my A/C as it was empty!
  12. I wasn't quoting the Humidex... I was just being silly. but yeah... I should have said 55 or something bigger to make my point... anyways... I think it is suppose to get to 39.3 today.anyways that is crazy hot from me. I might even turn on the A/C in the house for the 3rd time this year!Well thats was an off topic rant!But i am still getting good FE HAHA!
  13. I got 188km on the first dot! I am going to have a good tank of gas! I haven't used my A/C all week. (which thursday I might have to use it as it will be 43 outside) but other then that I am on a great roll to get some good FE!!!!!
  14. Sorry to hear that. To bad. I was told that someone tried three times what you did and ended up in the same position. the A/C in this car is a mystery!!! Now that is funny mate!
  15. OK I really want one of those! LOL!I love it.