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  1. For the DIY oil change, to reset the service indicator:- The "service button" referred to below is the one on the left side of the speedometer binnacle. 1. Switch on ignition. (But do not start car!) 2. Select maintenance indicator (so it's in the display) with the service button, within the first 4 seconds. 3. Switch off the ignition within the display period of 10 seconds. (Maintenance wrench symbol and distance/time should remain in the display). 4. Keep the service button depressed!! 5. Keep holding it while you switch the ignition on. 6. Keep holding the service button for a further ten seconds. After that, the oil change interval display is reset. You may now release the service button! 7. After completing this task, the display shows the remaining distance (startup distance) for the next maintenance interval. Also note the indicator will only reset after at least 1000 km have elapsed, so if you need to get the "A"/"B" service back in synch you must wait 1000 Km. Credits: SHUNG
  2. my side airbag went off also when I hit a pothole on hasting in vancouver, it blew out the side window, both front and rear rims were damaged as well as both tires, the front suspension is bent. so the total cost was $6K +.Simon
  3. I use it a lot for defogging
  4. 1) Mike T 2) smartzuuk 3) Polar Attack ? 4) s_mack 5) RoySkyBell ? 6) Valgard ? 7) smartie yank Lee 9) Fast Eddie = Benz 10) Muriel Calvin & Tuvok 11) Joker? 12) Shung
  5. count me in. When?
  6. It is a fantastic trip
  7. Thanks Catopounce for the effort to put the event together
  8. 1. catopounce (1) 2. FastEddy (2) 3. Gent (2) 4. Blackberry (2)5. Shung (1)
  9. Gent Fasteddy Mike TShung
  10. I went to the one on no.5 and cambie in Richmond, can't remember the name, I did not make any reservation, if we go there around 11:30am, I think we can get away without making reservation.
  11. Gent (2) Eddy bil eclectrixSimon
  12. Ha ha ha ha! very funny
  13. I have done my share. I am waiting for the migration.
  14. It happened to me last month, it was consistent, I disconnected the battery, hoping that it would reset the computer, it did not. So I was getting it ready to call in to the dealership, also I was close to my A service, so I went ahead to change the oil myself, I reset the service counter, It fixed the paddle shift problem. It is still good to this day.
  15. UPDATE: From Kelowna: ORLOV bilgladstone Eclectrix Dixie Ruby Red Racer Waiting to join them at 3:00pm at the Chilliwack Visitor Center (exit 116 Highway 1): TFM Mike T deezle smartzuuk jerome mkatz InvestSMART GBS Dragonfly Lisa Pshung